Top 5 Minecraft YouTubers to Follow to Improve Your Redstone Skills


Redstone construction is one of Minecraft’s most difficult features. It necessitates vast knowledge, patience, and problem-solving abilities for when things don’t go as planned. Many Minecraft players are afraid of redstone, but there are numerous ways to ease into the art of redstone building.

On YouTube, there is no shortage of excellent redstone builders, many of them offer redstone contraption tutorials to help newcomers learn the ropes. Minecraft fans who want to learn more about redstone should definitely check out the YouTubers listed below.

Top 5 Minecraft YouTubers to Follow to Improve Your Redstone Skills

#5 – wattles

A semi-automatic wheat farm created by wattles 

Wattles is an excellent way to get started with redstone building in Minecraft.

While he posts a wide range of interesting stuff, he frequently posts lessons on how to build simple redstone contraptions. Even the most inexperienced redstone builder should be able to complete the majority of the creations on his channel.

#4 – Blendigi

Blendigi’s YouTube channel banner 

Blendigi is another excellent YouTuber to follow if you want to learn how to utilize redstone.

Blendigi provides a variety of redstone tutorials ranging from beginner to intermediate. Blendigi’s channel, which is full of fantastic content for players looking for redstone and building ideas, is highly recommended.

#3 – ilmango

Ilmango’s YouTube channel banner

Ilmango’s channel is highly recommended for players wishing to take their redstone building to the next level.

While ilmango is well renowned for his complex redstone creations, he also has a Redstone Basics series that teaches newbies everything they need to know about redstone.

The Redstone Basics playlist can be viewed here.

#2 – Ethoslab

Ethoslab’s YouTube channel banner

Ethoslab is currently one of the most prominent Minecraft YouTubers. This is owing in part to his incredible redstone and construction abilities, and in part to his involvement with the Hermitcraft server.

Ethoslab used to offer redstone instructions years ago, but now focuses on Hermitcraft videos. However, gamers can learn a lot from these Hermitcraft videos because Ethos usually outlines the method behind each build.

#1 – Mumbo Jumbo

Mumbo Jumbo
Mumbo Jumbo’s YouTube channel banner 

Anyone who follows Minecraft YouTubers can probably assume that Mumbo Jumbo is at the top of this list.

Mumbo Jumbo, sometimes known as the King of Redstone, made a profession out of redstone lessons and showcases, which have received millions of views over the years.

Mumbo Jumbo’s “Redstone Builds Everyone Should Know” video, which breaks down some of the most essential redstone contraptions available, is recommended for anyone wishing to learn from him.

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