Top 5 Roblox games for solitary play


It’s a lot of fun to play Roblox with your friends, but it’s also a lot of fun to play alone. Despite being primarily a social platform, it nonetheless boasts a healthy, robust library of solitary games.

However, with so many single-player Roblox games to select from, the best place to begin is at the beginning.

In no particular order, here are the best Roblox solo games.

1) Ramona

A great story wrapped in gameplay (Image via Roblox)

Ramona is a story-driven adventure game with a lot of fun. Its distinguishing element is the way the plot unfolds as a result of the players’ decisions.

As a result of the numerous endings that might be discovered, each playthrough is unique. It’s also simple to take up and begin because it’s brief.

2) Dead Silence

The best place to get some scares (Image via Roblox)

Dead Silence is a game for gamers looking for a terrifying experience. Mary Shaw, a slain ventriloquist, is reported to be prowling a nearby village. Are the rumors accurate, or is it all a figment of the imagination?

It is the user’s task as an investigator to discover the truth about Mary Shaw’s unexplained death. While Dead Silence is fun to play with others, it’s even great when you’re alone.

3) Speed Run 2

For lovers of obstacles and parkour (Image via Roblox)

Parkour-themed games abound on Roblox, which isn’t unexpected. These obstacle courses, termed “obies” by players, are usually multiplayer, with dozens of players attempting to complete them, however Speed Run 2 is different in that it is played solo.

There are 30 different levels to test users at varied levels of difficulty. For an extra challenge, there’s even a difficult adjustment option.

4) Fishing Simulator

When all you want to do is relax (Image via Roblox)

Gamers can escape from difficult situations and scary Roblox games by visiting a joyful zone. Fishing Simulator is the ideal Roblox game for when they just want to chill.

Its principle is straightforward: fish. Players can discover larger and larger fish, as well as sunken treasure.

5) Theme Park Tycoon 2

Live your dream as a theme park tycoon (Image via Roblox)

Theme Park Tycoon 2 may appeal to those who enjoy theme parks and micromanagement. It allows customers to design and administer their own theme park.

Gamers can boost rates greatly, earn a lot of money, and even enjoy the trips on their own.

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