Top 5 seeds to locate netherrite in Minecraft Pocket Edition


One of the rarest minerals in Minecraft is netherite. The 1.16 nether update included this nether-only resource. It swiftly dethroned diamond gear as the most durable equipment in the game after its release.

Players must first locate ancient trash in order to collect netherite. It’s common to find it deep underground, just as diamond ores. Unfortunately, ancient debris is one of Minecraft’s rarest ores.

Ancient debris can be found in any nether biome about level Y 11-15. Explosions can be used to destroy other blocks and uncover ancient detritus in Minecraft due to their strong blast resistance.

Seeds are preferred by some people when looking for valuable materials. Try these Minecraft seeds to uncover ancient detritus early in the game if you’re seeking for netherite.

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Minecraft seeds to find ancient debris

5) Six ancient debris at one spot

So many ancient debris
  • Seed: -1813740965
  • Version: Bedrock v1.16.221
  • Coordinates: 121/14/-366

At deep y levels, ancient debris only appears once. They can form in groups of three veins in rare situations. Players can locate six ancient relics in one location in this seed.

They could be perplexed as to how this is even feasible. In this case, ancient debris from several fragments has accumulated around the edges.

4) Exposed ancient debris near bastion remnant

ancient debris
  • Seed: 1294889165
  • Version: Bedrock 1.16
  • Coordinates: 68/41/-32

In Minecraft, ancient debris has been seen to appear surrounded by blocks. However, gamers will uncover exposed ancient debris in this seed. A block was created by placing a mushroom on top of old rubbish. As a result, ancient debris was uncovered.

Users can head towards the bastion remnants near the site after mining ancient rubble. In this bastion, those who are lucky enough may unearth ancient detritus or netherite ingots.

3) Another six ancient debris seed

Six ancient debrisĀ 
  • Seed: -1312342842
  • Version: Bedrock Edition 1.16
  • Coordinates: -898/10/58

Another remarkable generation of six old trash next to one other is featured in this Minecraft seed. To uncover this particular trash creation, gamers will have to go quite a far.

They’ll spawn on a little island with a spider spawner and buried riches in this seed. Users can find a large combination of badlands and deserts to the south.

2) Lots of diamond and ancient debris

  • Seed: 1191211289
  • Version: Bedrock Edition 1.16
  • Coordinates: 46/5/47 and many more

YouTuber Fab Bulletin discovered this seed, which is one of the greatest for locating gems and ancient rubbish blocks. This seed contains numerous old debris veins.

The coordinates for neighboring veins can be found by watching the video.

1) Another exposed ancient debris

Exposed ancient debris
  • Seed: -66612136
  • Version: Bedrock Edition 1.16
  • Coordinates: -464/59/-466

This seed depicts ancient trash exposed within a bastion relic. Players can find this odd and rare generation by going to the coordinates indicated.

They spawn in a woodland near a vast tundra biome with several igloos with basements and gorgeous snowy communities in the overworld.

Note: These Minecraft seeds are for version 1.16, but they may also work in version 1.17 because part 1 of the Caves and Cliffs update had no effect on nether landscape production.

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