Top 5 things Minecraft should include in future Java and Bedrock upgrades


Minecraft is one of the best sandbox games available, with a variety of unique features that allow players to create their own unique worlds that closely resemble real life. Minecraft has the advantage of being available on a variety of devices, including Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Android and iOS versions of the game are also available.

Creative, survival, hardcore, and adventure are the four game modes available in Minecraft. The game can be enjoyed by every sort of player by picking their favourite game mode based on their playstyle.

Regardless of the game’s high quality, there is always room for growth. The top five features that should be introduced to Minecraft are discussed in this article.

Minecraft will become even better with these additions

5) Seasons

A mod that adds seasons to Minecraft

4) Additional variations of existing mobs

Cow variants based on biome 

Interacting with mobs and establishing farms for their drops is entertaining, but introducing more varieties to pre-existing mobs will enhance the player’s encounters with these critters.

Minecraft can now generate them in different biomes based on the weather, thanks to new varieties.

3) More pet features

Players can not even pet tamed animals 

Minecraft was released in 2011. It still lacks basic functionality such as caressing animals that the player has tamed after ten years of development. Many people are still hoping for Mojang to integrate this functionality in a future release.

2) Inbuilt shaders

Realistic water and reflections using BSL Shaders 

Shaders are visual mods that give more realism to Minecraft, making it more beautiful. Shaders have been popular for a long time and can be downloaded for free, but it would be preferable if they were built-in to Minecraft.

1) More weapon variants and types

Weapon concept by u/Evil_Notch

Minecraft only has a few weapons, and they’ve grown stale for people who’ve been playing for years. Adding new weaponry to Minecraft will make battle a lot more enjoyable and engaging.

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