Top 5 times in Free Fire when a gloo wall should be employed


Free Fire is a thrilling survival shooter. It features dramatic clash squads and action-packed 10-minute Battle Royales. Players must strategize and employ gloo barriers, grenades, and other objects in order to win.

Players can level up their game with the Mr. Waggor pet once they’ve mastered the gloo wall method.

It’s worth noting that weaponry like the M82B can obliterate gloo barriers. As a result, players must use double gloo walls to further conceal their presence. The combination of grenades and gloo barriers can be deadly.

In Free Fire, there are a few scenarios where the gloo wall will come in helpful.

1) Trapping the enemy

Trapping the enemy

Gloo walls are best used to imprison adversaries inside dwellings or on the upper level of a staircase. Instead of chasing the adversary inside a house, gamers can deploy smoke grenades and gloo walls to confine them. In squad settings, the tactic is also useful.

2) Getting to the top

Getting to the top

When a player’s armor and weapons are fully equipped, the ideal tactic is to stay hidden while a few foes are dispatched. In this situation, a player can stack gloo barriers or create a staircase to reach previously unattainable areas.

It serves two purposes: the player remains unreachable at the top and can shoot other players in the area.

3) Dashing towards a solid cover

Dashing towards a solid cover

4) Confusing or distracting enemies

Confusing or distracting enemies

The idea is to set up a couple of gloo walls to distract adversaries. Enemies will most likely waste time determining whether or not a player is hidden behind the gloo wall. In an even better scenario, players can ambush the adversary by circling back behind them.

5) Healing yourself and buddies

Healing yourself and buddies

When a team member is injured in a Free Fire squad situation, a squad member can deploy gloo barriers. This shields you from bullet showers right away. As the enemies destroy the gloo walls, the comrades can flee to safer ground.

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