Top 5 tips for completing the Heroic tier in Free Fire before the season ends


Free Fire is a highly played and downloaded battle royale title on leading app stores. The game offers HD-quality graphics and engaging elements like vast maps to explore and weapons ranging from assault rifles to sniper rifles.

There is also a significant tier system where various leagues are present. Players can upgrade tiers to get better rewards and reputation, and the Heroic level is one of the elite leagues in Free Fire.

Five best ways to reach Heroic tier before end of current Free Fire season

1) Know the maps

Top 5 tips

The first tip to reach the Heroic tier in Free Fire is to have proper knowledge of maps. Players must know which are the best loot spots and positions to hold.

It will help them not get killed in the initial stages of the match and get more tier ranking points. There are three maps in the game for those unaware, namely Bermuda, Kalahari, or Purgatory map.

2) Focus on survival

Survival is necessary to get more ranking points

The second tip to reach the Heroic tier quickly is to focus on survival. It is a critical point that needs to be remembered by all players. In Free Fire, they get more tier points for survival.

Gamers get the title of Heroic tier upon reaching 3200 ranking points. So, they are recommended to focus on surviving at least three to four zones to get extra survival points.

More kills will fetch better ranking points

Kills also play a vital role in getting to the Heroic tier quickly in Free Fire. Players need to balance out survival time and the number of kills in each batch. There should be equal amounts of aggressiveness and defensiveness.

With three to four kills per match and a spot in the top five team positions, they can easily reach the Heroic tier in no time.

Coordination helps to get more wins in Free Fire

The fourth tip on the list is to have good team coordination. With a well-coordinated team, players will have fewer chances of getting killed in the early stages.

They are also recommended to avoid playing with random teammates, as it only increases the chances of getting negative tier ranking points.

5) Take necessary gunfights

Engage in battles if needed for more Boyaah titles

The last tip is to take only necessary gunfights. It will help players to get more survival points and increase the chances of getting the Booyah.

The IGL or in-game leader must make a correct decision if caught in a bad position. Players can focus on entering the zone and getting to safer places.

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