Top 6 healing ability characters in Garena Free Fire


Kapella, the musician, is the most powerful healer in the free fireplace. Her ability to sing a healing song enhances the effectiveness of healing properties. Reduce the HP loss of his partners. Kapella gains more than 10-20% HP and her healing power increases by 10% when she uses Medkit compared to other brands. In addition, his skills reduce team losses by 20-30% at all high levels.


Without much effort, the businessman’s son became a soccer star. Because he has always had a keen interest in the body. He was the most healing actor in the game Free Fire because of his “hat trick” ability. Luqueta gains life by killing his opponent on the battlefield. Lueta’s ability to deceive improves as she develops her healing ability (6levels). Killing more than one enemy can raise your HP to 35.

DJ Alok

Alok has secured a closed concert on a free fire after touring the world. And as a result, he is well-known. In the free fire, DJ Alok is the leading character because of his fast motion and healing skills. In a few seconds, a decrease in battering ability can complement a group HP. His ability to heal is improved with each step he acquires.


An orphaned Antonio wanted to be a criminal from an early age. And he uses his survival skills (the spirit of a gang) to exterminate all criminals in his community. Antonio is another character with healing abilities in free fire. When the cycle starts in the middle of the game, his energy is activated. With each higher level, you gain more HP. In war, Antonio can help you prolong your survival by recovering your life.


She is another female robot with a unique ability to heal. In 4 seconds, his thrilling martial art transforms your EP into HP. Just upgrade the A124 and turn your extra EP into a healthy one to stay alive.


The main male character Jota has left his hometown and his family in search of happiness.

Only if Jota kills an enemy with SMG or a gun when he has the ability to sustain life (Sustained Raids). He is the best healer and character of the nearby battles.


While the characters we’ve discussed so far take a balanced approach to both the team and the individual play, Hrithik Roshan’s Jai is all about attacking and destroying your enemies with an almost endless stream of guns. Because his idle talent, “Raging Reload,” reloads part of his gun every time he drops an enemy, of course. In this sense, Jai has endless ammo as long as he kills and knocks, and he doesn’t even have to release any more reload photos before returning to battle.

In fact there is not much to say about Jai except that he has absolute power in all situations. However, you need to be a good gun if you want to enjoy his craft, thinking it only works whenever he knocks. In that sense, if you are just starting out or are not doing well in battle right now, then you might want to stick to some of the characters we mentioned above right now.


This is the only character that gets stronger as the number of players watching you grows. Wolfrahh will get a stacking buff that increases his damage and his defense from being beheaded in every killing and viewer he currently has. Wolfrahh’s “Limelight” talent requires him to play aggressively in order to raise his performance bonus. He’ll get a shot that enhances the damage he does to enemy members by 3% and reduces the damage he gets from being hit in the head by the same amount for each killing he gets. The protection benefit is limited to 25%, and the increase in damage is limited to 15%.

Increased damage per kilogram increased to 5% at higher levels, with a higher rate of 30% for the defense and 20% for the damage. It is important for you to know that this performance benefit is also due to the players watching Wolfrahh, so all the extra killings are counted as long as they watch. That concludes our selection of the best Free Fire characters in the year 2021. What were your thoughts on our choice? What other characters do you think we should include in our characters? Please feel free to express your thoughts in the comments section below! Even low-end PCs can download and play free fire.

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