Top 7 blunders made by Free Fire gamers when rushing at residences


Rushing towards houses in Free Fire may be incredibly perilous, and even the strongest players will find a well-defended house a struggle. Because opponents are adequately shielded by hard cover, using brute force alone will not work.

However, with adequate strategic planning, rushing a house can be done successfully.

When rushing houses in Free Fire, avoid making these 7 blunders. 7) Do not smoke as you approach the residence.

Smoke is a really useful tool. It can be used to confuse the opponent by breaking their line of sight. Players rarely utilize smoke when rushing at houses, despite its tactical value. This puts them in a precarious position by exposing them to enemy fire.

6) Instead of flanking or going around, walk straight to the home.

In Free Fire, most players take the quickest way feasible when approaching an inhabited house. This can be disastrous since any foes inside can open fire, dealing significant damage. To circumvent this, players must flank and travel around the structure in order to secure safe access.

5) Failure to use grenades to clear the opponent

Buildings provide natural protection. Enemies peering through windows and shooting are largely unaffected by retaliation. Players must employ grenades to inflict serious damage on the residents. Attempting to rush a house just by shooting will not suffice.

4) Employing the incorrect weapon for the job

Shotguns are the only weapons suitable for house warfare in Free Fire. They can one-tap most adversaries and are incredibly dangerous at close range. Using any other weaponry for in-house fighting might be disastrous.

3) Everyone enters the house from the same direction.

When playing Free Fire as a squad, not all teammates should rush the home from the same direction. This is a significant tactical mistake because opponents can attack from behind by exiting through windows.

2) Not looking for adversaries in the immediate vicinity

Players must verify that their health is sufficient before committing to rushing a residence. All weapons should also be reloaded, and any active abilities should be taken off cooldown. Rushing a house without keeping these elements in mind would not go well for the gamer.

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