Top 7 Free Fire Tips for Beginners who want to learn how to use shotguns and fight at close range


In Free Fire, mastering close-range combat is crucial. This ability will come in useful and be crucial for survival in some scenarios.

The shotgun reigns supreme in close-range warfare. Learning to utilize this weapon effectively will be crucial to winning close-range gunfights. Readers can increase their mastery of close-range gunfights while using a shotgun by following a few tips.

In Free Fire, learn how to master shotguns and close-range combat. 7) Get near to the target by using gloo walls or hard cover.

Gloo walls should be employed for safety when racing at an opponent to get into shotgun range. Hard cover should be used if players do not have gloo walls.

6) Make use of your M1887 shotgun.

In Free Fire, the M1887 is a formidable weapon. It’s the only shotgun with the ability to penetrate armor. Players will be able to breach enemy armor and deal massive damage at close range as a result of this.

5) Look around the corner for a safe shot.

Getting into cover during close-range gunfights is critical. Fighting in the open is never a good idea. To avoid taking damage from incoming fire, players should peek and shoot.

4) Break through gloo walls with Skyler’s ‘Riptide Rhythm’ ability.

During a close-range battle, enemies will almost certainly erect gloo walls. Players can just use Skyler’s “Riptide Rhythm” ability to break them down rather than having to maneuver past them to flank the adversary.

3) Before charging in, throw grenades.

Players should throw explosives against the opponent before entering a shotgun range. Even if no harm is dealt, opponents will disperse and break formation. Players will be able to capture the adversary in the open and eliminate them quickly.

2) Before arriving into shotgun range, fire while moving to deal damage.

In Free Shoot, players should fire Assault Rifles and SMGs against the adversary while racing towards them. This will keep your opponents pinned in place, allowing you to bridge the distance and go within shotgun range more easily.

1) Heal when possible during gunfights

Ensuring that health is at max is vital during a close-range fight. Players should always heal when given a chance. Even though having maximum health does not guarantee to win, it allows players to stay in the fight longer.

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