Top 7 tips to help you win solo vs squad battles in Free Fire (November 2021)


In Free Fire, solo vs squad battles are tough. Players must be on their toes during the game and succeed in all aspects of the game. It is possible to obtain a Booyah, but it is not simple.

Because opponent squads will mount a strong defensive and have healing support, skill will be required to defeat them. Readers can increase their general proficiency in solo vs squad engagements by following a few fundamental recommendations.

In Free Fire, using pets can assist in annihilating the adversary in solo vs squad battles (and 6 more tips) 7) Winning requires a winning strategy.

When it comes to rushing a house or hardcover, strategy is crucial. Solo vs. squad battles necessitate meticulous preparation and execution. Getting a Booyah will be impossible without a solid plan in place.

6) Find a good close and mid-range weapon

Shotguns and Assault Rifles are two weapons that are critical to victory in Free Fire. For the most part, these two weapons are the ideal combination. As soon as feasible, players should locate an M1887 and an XM8 or SCAR.

5) Gain an advantage by utilizing pets.

Pets in Free Fire provide a number of benefits, ranging from gloo wall shields to the ability to land faster. Pets like Spirit Fox, Robo, and Panda can be used to gain a tactical advantage in solo vs squad battles.

4) Make the most of the early stages of the game.

During a contest, the early game is a crucial stage. All major decisions, such as where to land and what to loot, must be made in a short period of time. Players that make the most of this time period will have a more enjoyable match.

Even though the stealth options in Free Fire are restricted, they are nonetheless beneficial. When engaging an opposition team discreetly with silencers connected, the outcomes could be promising.

2) Use smoke to throw your opponents off.

Smoke grenades are a very useful weapon in Free Fire. They can be used to a variety of uses. Players can hurl them to draw attention away from their foes or use smoke to confuse and rush them.

1) Select a character with the necessary skills for the job.

It’s critical to pick the appropriate character for solo vs squad encounters if you want to win. Furthermore, in combat, the perfect combination of skills will make all the difference. Players must determine whatever combination best matches their playstyle.

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