Top New Bundles for PUBG Mobile in 2021 That You Should Try To Achieve


Top New Bundles for PUBG Mobile in 2021 That You Should Try To Achieve

More additional features and bundles will be available in PUBG Mobile 2021. Here are the best PUBG Mobile new packages in 2021 that are worth your money. Check them out in the gallery below.

beat bundle in PUBG mobile of 2021

The PUBG Mobile gallery is updated on a regular basis. You may be interested in one of the many new beautiful bundles available. Here are the most recent bundles and costume items available in this game.

Clockwork Tin Soldier

An outfit set, headgear, a helmet skin, a backpack skin, and a Nutcracker King M16A4 skin are all included in this bundle. Since its release, only 0.01 percent of gamers have obtained this package. You will also receive five rainbow glider trails if you are one of the lucky players who received this package from the Classic Crate.

Icicle Set

With ice and snow patterns, this set was launched during the winter festival celebration. With a gorgeous cut-away and white boots, the Snowflake Dancer set is a must-have. A gorgeous white Snowflake Dancer hat with a blue silk ribbon is also included in this set. The upgradeable Icicle Mini-14 skin is the most desired item in this package.

Robo Santa

This Robo Santa set from the Premium Crate may be of interest to robot fans. Furthermore, there is a winter queen set for female avatars that allows them to display seductive curves on their bodies. It can also be found in the Premium Crate. To match your outfit, you should obtain the winter queen backpack skin.

Each pair comes with its own headpiece. In addition, the Winter Queen package includes a one-of-a-kind Winter Queen UAZ skin that looks like a Queen’s automobile. A sophisticated Dazzling Salute M24 skin, a Colorful Pinecone grenade skin, and a Magic Stocking pan skin are also included.

Furnace Man

This event collection is divided into two sets: the Snowwoman Set for girls and the Furnance Man Set for males. Both of these new PUBG Mobile packages appear to be powerful and cool. For those two packs, there are also two special headpiece skins.

Furthermore, the game designers created several unique skins for the backpack, SCAR-L pistol, pan, and smoke grenade items in this set. This collection’s Snowwoman Ornament is also a popular choice.

Wishing Treeman

This Christmas event package is likewise quite uncommon. It comes with a Wishing Treeman set, headgear, and a Metal Sleigh pan skin, among other things. When you put on the whole outfit of Wishing Treeman, you’ll look like a Christmas tree, as the name of the bundle suggests.

Youth Enforcer

For female characters, the Youth Enforcer set is a gorgeous and dynamic costume set. Because it features a short skirt that matches a pink coat, an uneven pair of socks, and fake hair for girls. Aside from that, this bundle includes a beautiful Rainbow Splash skin for the classic UZI submachine gun, as well as a Rainbow Splash helmet and grenade skin.

PUBG Mobile New Bundles On Elite Pass

Night Terror, Artyom costume, Anna outfit, Miller outfit, and Cyber Enforcer are among the many outfits available in the PUBG Mobile season 16 clothing collection. In addition, 2017 RP season 16 provides players with seasonal pistol and plane skins.

Emoji Headgear

The PUBG Mobile community is going crazy over the Emoji headgear set. Three Emoji helmet skins are included in this set of headgear, and they look cool, stunning, and wonderful. Pleased emoji, Love emoji, and Cry emoji are three Emoji headgear that depict three emotions. The Emoji Pack A has several intriguing headwear skins that can be obtained.

How To Get PUBG Mobile New Bundles?

In PUBG Mobile, new bundles are presented in the game’s clothing shop. There is a link in the bundle information to the crate, event, or pack shop where you can purchase the clothing set. The two major bundle shops in this game are Classic Crate and Premium Crate. Those crates include a number of legendary bundles as well as a number of seasonal costumes.

You must gather crate coupons from mission prizes in order to unlock these boxes for free. You can also gather 10 crate coupon scrabs and combine them to acquire a crate coupon. Weekly log-in events, event missions, redeem store, and progress missions are all better places to get these crate coupon scrabs. You can spend UC to unlock those crates and grab those bundles if you’re wealthy.

Lucky Spins can help you get some new bundles. Furnace Man and Snowwoman Sets, for example, are great prizes in those Lucky Spins. Furthermore, those spins award players with additional prizes, including crate coupon scraps, silver coins, lucky coins, gun skins, and a traditional crate coupon.

The chances of obtaining those unusual bundles are quite slim. To unlock more than ten crates at once, you should gather and conserve a large number of crate coupons and UC. Once players have accumulated enough lucky points, they will be eligible for the grand rewards. The majority of seasonal bundles are limited edition. As a result, you must obtain them prior to the end of the season or tournament.

These are the best new PUBG Mobile bundles, along with instructions on how to get them. Update the game’s gallery with the most recent bundles and grab them before they expire. Visit our website for the most up-to-date PUBG Mobile game news, as well as more tips, tricks, and top lists for players.

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