Top5 blunders that prevent Free Fire players from progressing to the Heroic tier


For many players, reaching the Heroic Tier in Free Fire is a difficult job. Aggressive play might lead to early elimination, but passive play can result in a lack of points due to zero kills.

While getting to the Heroic Tier is difficult, it is not impossible. Many inexperienced players have succeeded after giving it a shot. However, there are a few blunders that players may avoid in order to make the game run more smoothly.

Top 5 mistakes that players should stop making in order to reach Heroic Tier in Free Fire

5) Landing in hot-drop zones

This is a pretty common error that Free Fire players make when attempting to advance in rank. Landing in hot-drop zones, no matter how appealing the concept may seem, rarely ends well.

Hot drops can earn early-game eliminations and points, but they also come with the risk of being eliminated early in the match.

4) Not using the scanner

If players do happen to land in a hot-drop zone or rotate into one that is densely packed with opponents, using the scanner is the best method to avoid getting into conflicts and stay safe.

The scanner is a valuable tool for players. It will protect them from being ambushed by other players that are camped nearby or hiding inside structures.

3) Lack of proper loot

When advancing rank, one of the most important things to remember is to never take the fight to your opponents without appropriate loot. Players should avoid fighting as much as possible early in the game and instead focus on looting to obtain good weapons and goods.

During a gunfight, players who haven’t looted enough will frequently run out of ammo and will be forced to escape or rush at the adversary. In either situation, the opponent will be well-supplied and the player will be rapidly eliminated.

2) Not using the vending machine

Free Fire’s vending machines aren’t merely for show. They’re a great way for players to buy their favorite weapons in the middle of a game rather than searching for them unsuccessfully.

These vending machines also sell gloo walls, smoke grenades, medkits, bags, scopes, and even armor, in addition to weapons. If a player runs out of any of these products, they can readily purchase them at a reasonable cost from vending machines.

1) Running in the open

Expert marksmen who are very competent with long-range weapons compete in ranked bouts in Free Fire. As a result, moving around in the open or standing in one place for an extended period of time can result in a headshot elimination.

It’s best if players don’t run around in the open. They should stick to moving around in structures or crossing huge open spaces safely with gloo barriers and smoke bombs.

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