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Due to its huge worldwide coverage, Free Fire was one of the most watched games on YouTube in 2020. Mr. Triple R is a well-known Bangladeshi content creator. He is known for his amazing skills and gameplay videos that he posted to his YouTube account. You currently have a subscription base of over 2.1 million people. This page checks his game stats and other facts.

The real name of Mr. Triple R, Free Fire ID, and stats

His real name is Rejaur Rahman Resvy, and his Free Fire ID is 728027523.

Mr Triple R has competed in a total of 4184 team matches and has defeated his opponents in 685 games, resulting in 16.37 percent of the win. He has a K / D average of 3.27 with 11456 murders. In dual mode, the streamer has appeared in 3776 games and won 333 times, with a winning rate of 8.81%. He managed to get 13411 pieces while keeping a K / D rating of 3.90.

In the end, the content producer won 4444 single and 577 games finishing first, with a winning rate of 12.98%. He defeated 14356 opponents, with a K / D rating of 3.71.

In the current season, the publisher has appeared in seven team games and won twice, giving him a victory rate of 28.57 percent. He has a K / D average of 6.80 with 34 kills. With a winning percentage of 3.38 percent, the popular YouTuber won two of the 59 duo matchups. Collected 135 fragments with a K / D rating of 2.37. Online hearing has played 148 single games and has 32 Booyahs, meaning a 21.62% win. He has 374 homicides and an average homicide rate of 3.22. The figures in this article were compiled at the time of publication. They can change as YouTuber continues to play more Free Fire games.

Mr. Triple R began his journey in creating content on YouTube two years ago, with his first video uploaded in December 2018. He has been publishing content on his channel since then, collecting more than 271 million views. His YouTube channel is available here.

His social media accounts

Mr Triple R and SK Sabir Boss are two famous fire content creators from India and Bangladesh, respectively. Both are popular and are known for their martial arts. They have major subscription bases, with more than 3.3 million subscribers and 2.08 million, respectively. This article analyzes and compares their statistics to Garena Free Fire.

SK Sabir Boss has been featured in 26498 team games to date and has appeared on top of 8679 times, earning 32.75%. With 93879 pieces, it has a K / D rating of 5.27.

In duo mode, the content creator has played 2914 games and targeted his opponents in 603 of them with a winning rate of 20.69%. He killed 7902 opponents with a K / D rating of 3.42. The player has 1591 games alone in his name and finished first place with 142, making his winning rate at 8.92%. He did not record 3236 killings with a K / D rating of 2.23.

In the current season, SK Sabir Boss has played 146 squad games, winning 39 of them with a winning percentage of 26.71 percent. He has a K / D average of 2.45 and 262 kills. In addition, the player has played 38 games and won seven with 18.42 percent winning. He defeated 101 enemies with a K / D rating of 3.26 in this process. USK Sabir Boss also played two games alone, each with fragments.

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