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TSG Legend is a well-known esports athlete and Free Fire content creator who is extremely popular among Indian fans. On his YouTube account, players can find a variety of films ranging from tournament highlights to high-skill clutch moments.

His channel currently has 1.16 million subscribers and his videos have over 81 million views.

TSG Legend’s real name as well as his Free Fire ID

Bhavesh Lakhwani is the real name of TSG Legend. His Free Fire ID is 212425313, and he has the following stats:

Lifetime stats

TSG Legend’s lifetime stats

TSG Legend has played in 12596 squad games and has 1950 victories, giving him a win ratio of 15.48 percent. He has a K/D ratio of 3.42 with 36378 kills.

The content creator has also played 1612 duo matches and has defeated his opponents in 215 of them, giving him a victory percentage of 13.33 percent. He has 3747 frags with a K/D of 2.68.

Bhavesh has 125 victories in 1737 single matches, for a win rate of 7.19 percent. He has 3521 kills, giving him a K/D ratio of 2.18.

Ranked stats

TSG Legend’s ranked stats

TSG Legend has played 80 team games this season and has 13 triumphs, giving him a win rate of 16.25 percent. In these matches, he has 348 kills and a K/D ratio of 5.19.

Aside from that, he has played two solo matches but has yet to win or kill.

The stats for TSG Legend in this article were recorded at the time of writing. They may change as the content producer plays additional Garena Free Fire games.

Monthly income

Estimated earnings of the TSG Legends YouTube channel 

TSG Legend’s monthly income from his YouTube channel is estimated to be between $650 and $10.4K, according to Social Blade. His annual earnings range from $7.8K to $124.8K. (Image courtesy of Social Blade)

YouTube channel

TSG Legend’s channel currently has 212 videos. The creator has 1.16 million subscribers and 81.84 million views, as previously stated.

Readers can visit the TSG Legend YouTube channel by clicking here.

Discord link

Discord server

He is a member of TSG, and users can join the team Discord server through this link.

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