TSG Ritik’s Free Fire ID exactly what it sounds like. Statistics, genuine name, and monthly income have all been published.


TSG Ritik, aka TSG Ritik, and his cousin, TSG Jash, manage the popular Free Fire YouTube channel Two Side Gamers. They’ve grown to 8.63 million users and 1.3 billion views in the last three years. He also plays for Two Side Gamers (TSG Army), where he won the Free Fire South Asia Showdown.

With 270K subscribers and 66.89 million views in the previous month, the channel has grown significantly.

124975352 is TSG Ritik’s Free Fire ID. The following are the player’s lifetime and ranked stats as of September 15, 2021.

Stats for the rest of your life

TSG Ritik has eliminated 27644 enemies in the squad games (Image via Free Fire)
In the squad games, TSG Ritik has defeated 27644 foes (Image via Free Fire)

TSG Ritik has played in 12140 squad matches and has outscored his opponents 2330 times, resulting in a 19.19 percent win rate. He’s racked up 27644 kills with a K/D ratio of 2.82.

The player has won 260 out of 2368 duo games, with a victory percentage of 10.97%. He’s collected 4523 frags in the process, resulting in a 2.15 kill-to-death ratio.

Finally, he has played 932 solo matches, winning 65 of them for a 6.97 percent victory ratio. With a kill-to-death ratio of 2.28, the developer of the material has eliminated 1975 foes.

Ranked stats

TSG Ritik has played few ranked matches this season (Image via Free Fire)
This season, TSG Ritik has only played a few ranking matches (Image via Free Fire)

This season, the YouTuber has appeared in 19 ranked squad games and earned a single Booyah, resulting in a win rate of 5.26 percent. He’s amassed 48 frags and has a K/D ratio of 2.67.

The streamer has only played one duo match and has yet to get a kill or win.

Ritik hasn’t participated in any ranked solo games yet.

Note: TSG Ritik’s stats were taken while the article was being written, and they may alter as he adds additional games to Free Fire.

Monthly income

They have gained over 66 million views in the last 30 days (Image via Social Blade)
In the previous 30 days, they’ve received nearly 66 million views (Image via Social Blade)

YouTube channel

The Two Side Gamers YouTube channel is operated by TSG Ritik and TSG Jash. They launched the channel in October 2018 and have over 1300 uploads to far.

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