Aaron Finch concerns the three-review regulation for the World Cup Final between India and New Zealand.


Despite the game being officiated by impartial umpires, Aaron Finch has questioned why India and New Zealand each got three reviews for the World Test Championship Final. In cricket, the Australian captain also supports the two-review rule.

Finch addressed the issue on Twitter, questioning why each team had three reviews despite the absence of a home umpire.

Later, in response to a fan query, Aaron Finch stated that while he favors the two-review-per-inning regulation, he agrees with the additional review modification implemented last year.

Michael Gough and Richard Illingworth are the match officials for India vs. New Zealand. The WTC Final has neutral umpires in the game, with both umpires from the United Kingdom.

Regardless, each team has three reviews per innings. Finch connected with a number of other fans, even engaging in some lighthearted banter over his review record.

To what rule is Aaron Finch alluding?

Aaron Finch is referring to the ICC’s adjustment in regulations last year, when Test cricket resumed after the COVID-19-imposed break.

Due to travel restrictions caused by COVID-19, the ICC temporarily waived the necessity to appoint neutral officials for a match. They introduced an extra DRS review per innings for each team to compensate for the potential loss in umpiring quality as a result.

For the World Test Championship Final, though, the ICC appears to have kept to the rule, with both India and New Zealand receiving three reviews per innings. Kane Williamson unsuccessfully reviewed an LBW judgment against Rohit Sharma during the first session of the World Test Championship Final, so the Kiwis have now used up one of their reviews.

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