Two additional teams have been disqualified from the Free Fire City Open 2021 due to rule violations.


When it comes to rule infractions, Garena has been extremely diligent and proactive. After smurfing their accounts, three teams were disqualified from the Free Fire City Open 2021 a week ago.

Garena has already held four city finals for the FFCO 2021 as of today. Players are still being caught breaking the rules despite this.

The developer just learned that Z ASH, who represented Team God Game in the FFC, had registered with numerous teams (open qualifiers).

God Game has advanced to the Lucknow Final, which will be held on July 2nd.

He registered with the following teams in the FFC (open qualifiers for the FFCO 2021):

1) AK ECLIPSE with account UID 153721023 (ID: 3004107312). (previously known as CES BLOODLUST in FFIC 2020 Fall)

2) God GameOp (ID: 3004966122) with 191248589 account UID

This is a clear breach of the tournament’s official rules:

In each tournament, each participant can only be a member of one team/organization. Players who are determined to be a part of more than one team (either as a player or as a substitute) or who have several accounts will be disqualified.

He claimed that his prior account, UID 153721023, had been hacked, however this was false. He didn’t sign up for two accounts.

The statements were then validated by the Free Fire Esports India team. The gamer admitted that he lied to the officials and that he was the owner of both accounts, i.e. (UID 153721023 and UID 191248589).

As a result, Z Ash has been disqualified from the Free Fire City Open 2021, along with his teams (AK Eclipse and God Game). The God Game Lucknow Finals slot will be offered to the next best eligible team.

Furthermore, Z ASH will be subjected to an Extraordinary Sanction (Rule 8.2.5 of the FFCO 2021 Rulebook). For the rest of the year, he will be barred from competing in any Garena Free Fire esports contests (till December 31st, 2021).

Teams qualified for the Lucknow Finals of the Free Fire City Open.
Frustrated 4
Gyan Army
Zila Ghaziabad
Wrecking Crew
Team Elite
GVCS Squad
To be Announced

At the Lucknow finals, professional teams such as Team Elite, Aff Esports, and Gyan Army will compete against amateur teams for a chance to compete for a spot in the National Championship and a large prize fund.

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