UC costs for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) have been published.


The Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access edition is now open to anyone, and the UC costs were recently released by the creators.

On June 17th, the Early Access version was made available to a select group of PUBG Mobile influencers. On June 18th, the creators made it available to the general public.

Gamers were excited to get their hands on the Royal Pass and learn about the UC costs. This article will go through the latest Battlegrounds Mobile India UC rates, as revealed by Krafton Inc.

UC rates in Battlegrounds Mobile India have modified as a result of user feedback.

The introduction of Battlegrounds Mobile India signified the almost-year-long comeback of PUBG Mobile to India, which was banned in September 2020.

The first UC prices were disclosed throughout the stream. Gamers noticed that the UC costs for BGMI were slightly more than those for the global version of PUBG Mobile. This sparked a lot of speculation, and the developers eventually took notice of the problem.

Following feedback from gamers, Krafton Inc. recently announced that UC pricing have changed.

Here is the initial price list for UCs in Battlegrounds Mobile India:

  • 60 UC – Rs 89
  • 300 UC – Rs 449
  • 600 UC – Rs 899
  • 1500 UC – Rs 2199
  • 3000 UC – Rs 4499
  • 6000 UC – Rs 8900

Revised price list for UCs in Battlegrounds Mobile India:

  • 60 UC – Rs 75
  • 300 UC – Rs 380
  • 600 UC – Rs 750
  • 1500 UC – Rs 1900
  • 3000 UC – Rs 3800
  • 6000 UC – Rs 7500

Several players have purchased UCs before Krafton Inc. revised the rates. The developers have assured that the gamers who have purchased UCs at higher rates will be compensated with UCs as soon as possible.

Gamers are advised to follow the compensation list given below:

  • 60UC – 10 additional UC
  • 300UC – 50 additional UC
  • 600UC – 110 additional UC
  • 1,500UC – 245 additional UC
  • 3,000UC – 600 additional UC
  • 6,000UC – 1,275 additional UC

Gamers have been waiting for this day for a long time and wasted no time in downloading the popular BR game. Reportedly, more than 5 million official downloads were completed within a few hours of the Early Access launch.

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