Warzone Season 4’s best loadout LC10.


In Call for Duty: Warzone Season 4, the LC10 has remained a dominant submachine gun.

When Black Ops Cold War and Warzone were brought to the LC10, the LC10 rose straight to the highest levels of SMG class. Since then, it hasn’t been toppled one bit.

This SMG is better than most of its companions when it is still dealing with deadly damage in close proximity. It offers a good choice to run alone in Warzone or in combination with another principal weapon.

The best loadout for the LC10 in Warzone Season 4

Image via Activision
Image via Activision

The best loadout for the Warzone LC10 is not just one aspect of the weapon. This is different from many other weapons which rely on boosts for good performance in a particular area.

Instead, the LC10 is outfitted with a variety of attachments that allow it to excel in a variety of ways. It transforms into an extremely versatile submachine gun capable of performing almost any task the player requires.

Muzzle is an abbreviation for Sound Suppressor.
13.9″ barrel “Heavy Barrel Reinforcement
SAS Combat Stock is for sale.
42 Rnd Rnd Rnd Rnd Rnd Rnd Rnd Rnd Rnd Mag Airborne Elastic Wrap is used for the handle.
In Warzone, the Sound Suppressor muzzle attachment is the best option for the LC10. It is critical that players remain silent so that they do not appear on the mini map and so that enemies do not hear the shots from the SMG.

The 13.9mm barrel attachment should be used “Heavy Barrel Reinforcement Sprinting move speed and aim walking speed are slightly reduced, but effective damage range and bullet velocity are greatly increased.

The primary function of the SAS Combat Stock is to regain some mobility. Its shooting movement speed is increased slightly, and its aim walking movement speed is increased from before the barrel negated it.

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