WePlay AniMajor’s top five most popular heroes in Dota 2


Dota 2’s meta evolves dramatically from patch to patch as a competitive game. Every patch fine-tunes the balance by buffing underutilized heroes or items, nerfing overutilized heroes or things, or even adding or removing gameplay components entirely.

Using the bonuses particular to a patch is thus the ‘meta’ way to play the game. Heroes and equipment become fashionable in the high 7k MMR bracket and upwards. Then, as more people become aware of these tendencies, they trickle down to lower income categories.

Professional scrims are where the magic happens, and Dota 2 has an extremely high skill ceiling. At the professional level, teams can deal with the known tricks in the book. Good pro teams thus thrive on innovating their own drafts.

In other words, what happens in the DPC basically sets the Dota 2 meta, including the ‘meta’ heroes.

Most popular hero picks in Dota 2 Weplay Animajor

1) Lion

Lion’s E can force the target to back down, lest they lose all their mana (Image via Valve)

Lion is usually regarded as the best support. He is, in reality, the second-most popular Dota 2 hero of all time in pubs and Ranked. It’s about the enigmatic charm of his Finger of Death in some circumstances. Dota 2 players adore scaling nukes, despite the fact that there are so few of them in the game.

Hex, on the other hand, is the real reason Lion is so important. Shadow Shaman is the only other hero having an insta-cast Hex besides a sheepstick. This alone makes Lion a formidable escape hero starter.

Lion has been picked 63 times in the Dota 2 WePlay AniMajor with a 54% winrate.

2) Mars

Mars is naturally tanky thanks to his E (Image via Valve)
Mars is naturally tanky thanks to his E (Image via Valve)

Mars has been a favorite first-pick for many teams in the last Major. This is also a trend seen in regional Dota 2 leagues in China, South America, and NA. Mars has not been significantly buffed of late. His value lies in his near-universal viability into almost any lineup. With the Dota 2 7.29 shard upgrades, Mars’ Q has also become a better initiation spell.

Mars has been picked 57 times in the Dota 2 WePlay AniMajor with a 46% winrate.

3) Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight is great for early tier-1s (Image via Valve)
Dragon Knight is great for early tier-1s (Image via Valve)

The Dragon Knights fit the bill very well for a mid-game momentum draft. With his natural tankiness, he can come online early to siege towers or gank after a quick Blink Dagger. Although his lockdown is a single-target stun, it lasts for 3.75 seconds, which is nearly unmatched as a reliable stun in Dota 2.

Dragon Knight has been picked 44 times in the Dota 2 WePlay AniMajor with a 61% winrate.

4) Ancient Apparition

Appration’s W grants vision (Image via Valve)

Other heroes on this list, particularly Puck and Lion, were highly sought after in the Dota 2 Singapore Major. The Ancient Apparition, on the other hand, is the patch’s most prominent support.

AA was never a first-class support since she was a mushy support who couldn’t provide a consistent lockdown. His spectacular rise coincides with the emergence of a 5-man clump deathballing meta in the mid-game.

Ice Blast, which was previously used solely to fight sustaining heroes like Alchemist or Morphling, is at the heart of AA. However, with a short cooldown, Ice Blast also serves as a vision-granting large AoE damage amp. This might become a crucial tool in turning around all of the early teamfights.

Ancient Apparation has been chosen 44 times in the Dota 2 WePlay AniMajor, with a win percentage of 55 percent.

5) Puck

Puck is an escape hero (Image via Valve)
Puck is an escape hero (Image via Valve)

Dota 2 players should observe “Abed” Azel L. Yusop repeatedly dominate the midlane throughout the Major to see Puck’s actual strength. Puck had a legitimate cause for taking up one of the early ban positions in the DPC.

If you’re ahead in levels, Puck can be Dota 2’s most mobile and dangerous playmaker. Since they designed the leash system capable of neutralizing all escape heroes, a few minor nerfs in recent patches could never put Puck out of meta.

Puck has been picked 38 times in the Dota 2 WePlay AniMajor with a 63% winrate.

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