What does a 100% top-up bonus in Free Fire mean? Everything you need to know about bonus eligibility


Diamonds are the in-game currency in Free Fire, and they may be used to buy characters, pets, skins, and other stuff.

To obtain the best deal on a diamond buy, gamers look for offers that will allow them to get a larger quantity. A 100 percent top-up bonus is one among the most popular of these alternatives.

Details about obtaining a 100% top-up bonus in Garena Free Fire

Games Kharido

Games Kharido can be used to purchase diamonds (Image via Games Kharido)

One of the most popular websites for purchasing Free Fire gems is Games Kharido. It gives gamers a hefty 100 percent bonus on their first buy. The following are the measures that users can take to achieve this:

1) Players must first go to the official Games Kharido website on their devices as part of the first phase. To visit the website directly, click on the following link:

Click here to go to Games Kharido.

2) Users must log in after they have arrived at the Games Kharido website. There are two options: Facebook and Player ID.

These are the two login options available to players (Image via Games Kharido)

3) The available top-up options from the website will appear on the screen. Following that, players may select the number of diamonds they want to buy as well as the method of payment.

4) Finally, users can finish the process to receive the diamonds in their Free Fire accounts.


Several 100 percent top-up bonus events have already been introduced to the game by the developers. To get the extra money, consumers have to buy a certain number of diamonds during these events. In the video below, readers may see the same:

These types of events, on the other hand, haven’t been seen in Free Fire in a long time.

Aside from that, customers can buy memberships to get a bigger quantity of diamonds than they would with a typical top-up.

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