What does Rockstar need to make GTA 6’s plot superior to GTA 5’s?


GTA 6 has reportedly been in development for some time, and users still haven’t moved on from GTA 5 and GTA Online.

The anticipation for the yet-to-be-announced title grows by the day, and fans are still waiting for an official announcement. Since the release of GTA 5, Rockstar Games has had more time to work on GTA 6, and gamers’ expectations are only increasing.

The longer it takes for GTA 6 to be released, the more fans will demand from it in terms of story, gameplay, mechanics, and so on. When it releases, the much-anticipated game is expected to catapult the gaming industry to new heights.

Meanwhile, GTA 5 features a plot in which gamers can take on the role of one of three characters. Every time a character is introduced, the plot shifts.

At the end of the game, Franklin must choose whether to kill Trevor, Michael, or the antagonists, bringing the many stories together.

How Rockstar can make GTA 6 story better than that of GTA 5

GTA 5’s storyline alters perspective frequently, which can be disconcerting for those trying to immerse themselves in the game. They feel less connected to the character they control when there are several protagonists.

Many areas of the game were lacking when it came to being the best tale created by Rockstar, and those issues must be addressed in GTA 6.

The latter should have a linear storyline that is affected by the decisions made by the players. Unlike GTA 5, the protagonist should have a stronger motivation to complete the tasks and achieve the game’s conclusion.

GTA 5 felt haphazardly put together in the end, with far too much going on in the background. Users thought Michael’s tale with his family was continually coming apart, and no one thought Trevor had much of a storyline, only his outrageous behavior and pranks.

Many fans also thought Franklin was a duller version of CJ from San Andreas, and that he lacked individuality and uniqueness.

Rockstar should concentrate on one character and devote all of his attention on the protagonist. Backstory and relationships to other characters are important considerations.

In GTA 5, the game lacked a compelling opponent. Steve Haines and Devin Weston have strange motives for opposing the protagonists. Players had little personal involvement with the heroes, and they didn’t find any compelling motive to oppose the game’s major characters.

As a result, fans anticipate a richer tale in GTA 6, in which they will be given an explanation for the events and relationships between the protagonist and the other side characters.

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