What is the best setting for BGMI sensitivity with a gyroscope?


The first advice for becoming a pro player of Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) is to use a gyroscope to customize the appropriate sensitivity setting. And personalization isn’t enough if you don’t use your finger to adjust the setting. However, most gamers are unconcerned about the setting and receive the worst gameplay, so let’s be prudent. The ideal sensitivity for BGMI with a gyroscope to control recoil is discussed in this article.

Here’s the best gyroscope sensitivity setting to be a pro in BGMI

Camera sensitivity (Free look)

3rd person(Character, Vehicle):- 90% Camera(Parachuting):- 100% 1st person camera(Character):- 100%

Camera sensitivity

When you swipe the screen without firing, it affects the sensitivity of the camera.

3rd person, No scope:- 110%
1st person, No scope:- 
TPP Aim:- 
FPP Aim:- 
Red dot, Holographic, Aim assist:-

2X Scope:- 20%
3X Scope, Win94:- 12%
4X Scope, VSS:- 10%
6X Scope:- 7%
8X Scope:- 5%

ADS sensitivity

The camera’s sensitivity is affected when you swipe the screen while firing. It can also utilize it to keep the barrel from rising.

3rd person, No scope:- 90%
1st person, No scope:- 90%
TPP Aim:- 40%
FPP Aim:- 30%
Red dot, Holographic, Aim assist:- 60%

2X Scope:- 30%
3X Scope, Win94:- 21%
4X Scope, VSS:- 17%
6X Scope:- 13%
8X Scope:- 6%

Gyroscope sensitivity

You can adjust the sensitivity of tilt camera controls by activating the gyroscope.

3rd person, No scope:- 278%
1st person, No scope:- 
TPP Aim:-
FPP Aim:- 
Red dot, Holographic, Aim assist:-

2X Scope:- 295%
3X Scope, Win94:-
4X Scope, VSS:- 
6X Scope:- 
8X Scope:-

ADS Gyroscope sensitivity

You can adjust the sensitivity of tilt camera controls while firing by an ADS gyroscope.

3rd person, No scope:- 278%
1st person, No scope:- 278%
TPP Aim:- 30%
FPP Aim:- 20%
Red dot, Holographic, Aim assist:- 310%

2X Scope:- 295%
3X Scope, Win94:- 180%
4X Scope, VSS:- 140%
6X Scope:- 95%
8X Scope:- 50%

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