What is the best way to earn a stage time emote from the Free Fire Emote Party event


Emotes abound in Free Fire, and gamers are racing to unlock as many as possible. Legendary ones are in high demand in the game, and people will go to considerable efforts to obtain them whenever they become available.

To obtain the legendary emote in the normal route, players will require hundreds of diamonds. Players, on the other hand, wait for events to acquire them at a lesser cost. The Emote Party event, which includes five legendary emotes as well as other things, is returning from the creators.

Obtaining the Free Fire stage time emote

Stage Time is one of the most popular emotes available in the Emote Party event, which began on October 27, 2021 and will end on November 2, 2021. To receive the benefits, players must spend their in-game currency. They have two options for this: Normal Draw and Super Draw.

The former will set you back 19 diamonds, while the latter will set you back 199 diamonds. The Super Draw differs from the others in that it includes an emote as a prize. More crucially, by the sixth draw, gamers will have the Stage Time emote.

Legendary emotes are up for grabs (Image via Free Fire)

Step 1: In Free Fire, go to the Emote Party and press the go-to button.

The first draw is present for half its original cost (Image via Free Fire)

Step 2: Once the event interface is open, they must spin the necessary number of times until the objects are received.

Step 3: From the collection section, they can equip the emote.

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