What is the best way to get a free Cha-ching Loot Box in Free Fire?


The partnerships between Free Fire and other games are a pleasure for the game’s enthusiasts. In most cases, these collaborations are complemented by a slew of new themed cosmetics for players to collect. They also provide a slew of interesting events that award many freebies in exchange for completing a series of goals.

For the second time, Free Fire and Money Heist have teamed together, and the participants are looking forward to the upcoming activities. Users can now acquire various goods, including a loot box, through a new cumulative login.

The steps to get a free Cha-ching Loot Box in Free Fire are as follows:

The new cummulative login event (Image via Free Fire)

Cumulative login events in Free Fire are the simplest to accomplish because users simply need to sign in for a certain number of days throughout the event to receive the rewards.

The new event began today, December 7, 2021, and will run until December 14, 2021. It has three rewards, the most valuable of which is the Cha-ching Loot Box. The following are the exact requirements for each of the items in the event:

To receive Team Heist Printer, log in for one day. To receive the Bounty Token Play Card, log in for three days (14 days) To acquire Cha-ching Loot Box, you must log in for five days.
Players will receive a Money Heist-themed Loot Box for free if they sign in for five days.

Players can gather the corresponding things from the new cumulative login event by following the methods outlined below:

Step 1: Users first launch Free Fire and then go to the events section.

Step 2: They should then choose Plan Bermuda: Raid & Run.

Select Claim Free Loot Box (Image via Free Fire)

Step 3: After that, players should pick the Claim Free Loot Box area from the tabs.

Users will get the rewards after pressing the claim button (Image via Free Fire)

Step 4: They can claim the item by pressing the claim button next to it.

Users are not required to complete any difficult tasks for the event, such as a certain number of kills or a certain number of games. As a result, players should avoid missing out on these bonuses at all costs.

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