What is the best way to obtain free emotes in Free Fire?


In Free Fire, there is no shortage of emotes, with new and unique ones being added on a regular basis. On the battlegrounds, they provide as a way for people to communicate and express themselves.

Emotes can be purchased in the store for 199 diamonds, with Legendary Emotes costing thousands of diamonds. These are typically found in Faded Wheel and certain events that need in-game cash.

Some users don’t have enough diamonds, but the allure of emotes is too strong to resist, so they seek out free alternatives.

Players can get emotes in Free Fire through events and redeem codes

Users can get free emotes through events and redemption codes, which are two of the most common methods.


The previous Diwali Party event provided free emote (Image via Free Fire)

Free Fire is bursting at the seams with events, and new ones pop up as soon as the last one wraps up. Players were given the opportunity to win the Greetings emote for free as part of the Free Fire Diwali celebrations by playing for 60 minutes on peak day.

Freebies can also be obtained through top-up events. Users must spend diamonds in order to obtain a variety of exclusive products, which may include emotes.

Players should keep an eye out for such occasions to guarantee they don’t miss out on exceptional incentives.

Redeem codes

The previous redeem code offered a free emote (Image via Free Fire)

Garena routinely distributes redemption codes in conjunction with special events and achievement of particular goals. These can include emotes, clothing, and other prizes. Players were given a redemption code for FFIC Gold during the live stream of the Free Fire India Championship, which could be used for One-Finger Pushup.

These redeem codes, on the other hand, have a limited validity and do not function on all servers. As a result, players should act quickly to obtain the benefits using their region’s code.

Free diamonds

Players can get free diamonds by using apps like Google Opinion Rewards. By completing the survey on Google’s app, players can earn Google Play credit, which they can then use to purchase diamonds via Special Airdrop for the best value.

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