What is the Free Fire 360° gloo wall trick all about? Beginner’s guide to everything


Free Fire is one of the most well-known battle royale games on the mobile platform, and it has several distinguishing qualities that set it apart from its competitors. The game is fiercely competitive, and players are continually striving to win and become the best.

Individual performance is influenced by a variety of things. One of them is knowing how to use utility items like the gloo wall grenade properly. The 360-degree gloo wall gimmick is explained in detail here.

Details on how to perform the 360° gloo wall stunt in Free Fire, as well as how users may execute it.

Because it may give players with rapid cover, the gloo wall is considered one of the most important utilities in Free Fire.

The basic goal of the 360° gloo wall trick is to swiftly surround themselves with gloo walls. It can assist players in a variety of situations, such as reviving friends or avoiding enemies.

Here are a few pointers to assist players in achieving this goal:


free Fire
General sensitivity should be set at higher levels 

Players should set their “General” sensitivity to a high value, as this will allow them to move their screens much faster than if they set it to a lesser amount.

Aside from that, users should leave the other sensitivity levels in Free Fire alone because they have no effect on the gloo wall placement procedure.


Another important thing to consider throughout the game is where the gloo barriers are placed by the players. To do the 360° gloo wall technique, they must position the grenade close to them while simultaneously shooting at the ground:

free Fire
The crosshair of the players should be close to them and facing the ground

As a result, as they attempt this tactic, the gloo wall grenades will be put next to them.


Without practice, nothing comes easily. Users are advised to spend some time on the training island perfecting their gloo wall abilities before proceeding to play ranking matches.

As a result, they will have a solid understanding of how to use these utilities in Free Fire. This will surely help them make better use of this useful equipment.

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