What is the Free Fire ID of UnGraduate Gamer? Account statistics, percentage of headshots, K/D ratio, and more


Ayush Dubey, also known by his YouTube channel moniker UnGraduate Gamer, is a well-known figure in the Free Fire community. He’s recognized for his humorous commentary and interesting gaming videos.

The player has a total of 7.34 million subscriptions and 916 million views. His other channel, on the other hand, has 1.84 million subscribers.

What are the Free Fire ID and stats for UnGraduate Gamer?
256205699 is his Free Fire ID. Within Free Fire, Ungraduate Gamer’s stats are as follows:

Lifetime stats

UnGraduate Gamer has more than 102k kills in the squad matches (Image via Free Fire)

In 28751 squad games, Ayush has 8017 first-place finishes, equal to a win ratio of 27.88 percent. He has a total of 102669 frags, with 30920 of those being registered as headshots. He has a 4.95 kill-to-death ratio, with a 30.12 percent headshot rate.

UnGraduate Gamer has also played 726 duo matches and has 159 Booyahs, resulting in a 21.90 percent win rate. He has a K/D ratio of 3.40 and a headshot percentage of 30.84 percent with 1926 eliminations and 594 headshots, respectively.

The content creator has won 160 out of 697 single matches, giving him a victory ratio of 22.95 percent. In these games, UnGraduate Gamer has defeated 2516 opponents, resulting in a K/D ratio of 4.69. There were 1093 headshots among the total kills, resulting in a headshot rate of 43.44 percent.

Ranked stats

UnGraduate Gamer has a 59.61% win rate in squad mode (Image via Free Fire)

The streamer has participated in over 1000 rated squad matches, winning 595 of them for a win ratio of 59.61 percent. He has 4863 kills and 1543 headshots to his credit. This yields a K/D ratio of 12.07, while the headshot ratio hovers around 31.73 percent.

He’s played 20 duo games and won six, giving him a 30 percent win rate. The YouTuber has 73 kills to his credit, with a kill-to-death ratio of 5.21. He has 27 headshots, with a 36.99 percent success rate.

The online sensation has competed in six single games and defeated his opponents three times, resulting in a 50% win percentage. With a K/D ratio of 13, he has 39 frags. He has six headshots on his resume, with a headshot rate of 15.38 percent.

UnGraduate Gamer’s stats were recorded as the article was being written, so they may change.

According to Social Blade, UnGraduate Gamer has accumulated 230 thousand followers and 94.472 million views in the last 30 days.

UnGraduate Gamer’s YouTube channel presently includes 576 videos, the most popular of which has 23 million views.

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