What is the location of the open firearm on Pubg mobile? Well-kept secrets


The flare gun is the most obscure supply in Pubg Mobile, and it’s hard to come by. You can gain intense defense with the use of a flare gun, such as a higher-level helmet and vest, AWM, Groza, AUG, and many others. If you uncover a flare gun “out of the zone,” the regulation is that you will be given a BRDM vehicle. You can also acquire drops full of various types of finest loots if you fire it on the safe zone.

Flare drop VS BRDM, which is best in Pubg mobile?

If you’re a rusher, flare drop is the ideal option because it provides you with strong suppliers that can help you gain more kills.

Whereas, If you are a rank pusher in solo also if you are far from the safe zone, then BRDM is best.

The features of BRDM are:

  • 2500 health
  • Speed 105KM\HRS on ground
  • 22 KM\HRS on water
  • 4 players can sit on BRDM.

The BRDM can also travel on water. And according to health capacity, it is the strongest vehicle in Pubg mobile. So, think yourself which is best among flare drop and BRDM.

The best place to find flare gun with a high chance is Pubg mobile.

Before you begin, keep in mind that the flare gun is the back item, and it is not available on the LIVIK beta or Karakin map. However, ERANGLE, MIRAMAR, and SANHOK are the greatest maps for this item. Now let’s get into more detail and figure out where the flare gun is hidden in each Pubg mobile map. Because flare guns are rare and only found by chance, there is no 100% guarantee of acquiring one. However, if you look for it in the specified locations, you will almost certainly enhance your ‘luck’ by 75%.


Sosnovka military base)- This location has a larger likelihood of receiving a flare gun than others. As a result, you must search the entire area. Yasnaya Polyana)- You will find at least one flare gun if you travel around this area. Side of Quarry)- There isn’t a name for it, so look at the image- Just side of Quarry. Shooting range)- It’s also the best place to look for flare guns on the Erangle map, with at least one to be found. Mylta power)- It is famous for the best loot and flare gun.


These are the best places to look for Flare gun on the Miramar map:

  • San Martin: It is a most hot-drop area
  • Minas Generales
  • Chumacera


Here are the best places to get flare guns in Sanhok map of Pubg mobile:

  • Bootcamp: It’s the hot drop but the best location to get a flare gun.
  • Camp alpha
  • Ha Tinh

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