What is Zach Aguilar’s relationship to Genshin Impact?


In Genshin Impact, Zach Aguilar plays the male traveler Aether. This fact may have escaped the players’ notice.

The protagonist of the game is Aether. The plot centres around him looking for his sister, who went missing at the beginning of the game. Unfortunately, the main character’s voice lines have been sparse since the beginning. Aether has very little vocal lines in the game, aside from the character profile menu.

However, in a rare circumstances, such as the Archon Quests, players can hear the voice of the voyager.

One of his outstanding works is the Aguilar VA credit in Genshin Impact.

Zach Aguilar is an accomplished American actor and voice actor who has been in a number of critically acclaimed productions. His voice may be heard in the anime series Genshin Impact, Demon Slayer, and Nier Replicant. Aguilar is presently collaborating with the Bang Zoom! Entertainment studio.

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