What’s New in the Garena Free Fighter Event & faded wheel manual


Read what’s New in the Garena Free Fighter Event. Learn faded wheel manual how it works.

Free fire x street fighter

The crossover event between Garena Free Fire and Street Fighter V is currently live. The event, dubbed Free Fighter, incorporates elements of the popular fighting game into the Free Fire battlegrounds. Outfits, emotes, skins, and other items are included. The user interface will be updated to better reflect the crossover event.

What’s New in the Garena Free Fighter Event

Street Fighter V clothing inspired by the game will soon be available to purchase. Chun Li’s characteristic blue qipao and spiked bracelets are among the items she is recognized for wearing. Ryu’s distinctive Gi and red gloves are also available for purchase. In addition to Ryu, players can learn the Hadouken, one of the most recognizable moves in gaming and pop culture. Even if it’s in the shape of an expression. A Chun Li-themed Gloo Wall skin, an AWM pistol skin, and a Street Fighter Sports Car are among the other things available to players.

In addition, the main lobby will now feature a Street Fighter motif. The background of the Air Force facility will be instantly recognized by gaming fans. Guile, another Street Fighter character, is well known for having this background.

The teaser for the Free Fighter event may be seen here.

The Free Fire All-Stars (FFAS) event will also resume this month, according to Garena. Free Fire All-Stars, as you may know, is the game’s annual international celebrity event. It brings together well-known athletes and influencers to play the game. The event will be place in three different regions: Asia, Asia, and EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa). The Asia leg of the competition will take place from July 23 to July 25. The three-day event will have a different theme each day. The first day is Bomb Squad, the second is Clash, and the third day is Battle Royale. Each day’s winning squad will receive $10,000, according to Garena. Each of the three regions will have the same situation.

Free fire xm8

The Destiny Guardian is a new Evo gun skin that Garena has released to Free Fire (for the XM8).

Evo gun skins are special in that they can be upgraded. With a higher level, certain privileges become available. This contains a one-of-a-kind emotion, special effects, and even improved overall appearance.

Spending diamonds in the Faded Wheel, which started on August 7th, 2021, will get you the new XM8 Evo gun cosmetic. The skin will be available for purchase until September 5th.

In Free Fire, how does the Faded Wheel work?

In all Faded Wheels in Free Fire, players must take two items out of the reward pool that they do not desire. Then they’ll have to spin the wheel to win a prize at random.

Once obtained, the goods will not be duplicated, improving the player’s chances of winning the big prize. Every subsequent spin will cost more money.

The following is the cost of the spins:

1st spin – Free

2nd spin – 9 diamonds

3rd spin – 19 diamonds

4th spin – 39 diamonds

5th spin – 69 diamonds

6th spin – 99 diamonds

7th spin – 199 diamonds

8th spin – 499 diamonds

As a result, users should expect to pay 933 diamonds or less for the new rifle skin.

How can you obtain the XM8 Evo gun skin in Free Fire?

Players can access the event and obtain the new XM8 Destiny Guardian by following the methods outlined below.

Step 1: Select the Faded Wheel from the Luck Royale section.

Step 2: Take two prizes out of the reward pool.

Step 3: To get the rewards, use the diamonds to make the necessary number of spins.


To improve the Destiny Guardian, players will need unique Destiny Lightning tokens. The Destiny Guardian XM8 Token Box, which may be earned via the Faded Wheel, contains these. For 40 diamonds, players can purchase this box from the in-game store.

The following are the benefits of this new Evo gun skin on all levels:

Level 1: Upgraded qualities and a new look

Level 2: Make a kill announcement and improve your attributes (reload speed increased)

Level 3: New appearance

Level 4: Hit effect and upgrade attribute (damage increased)

Level 5: Effect of killing and firing

Level 6: Unlock new abilities and get a new look (attacks from higher ground deals more damage)Level 7:  has a new look and a special emote.

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