When did John Cena get into a car accident?


Many WWE fans will know that in early 2012, WWE legend John Cena was injured in a car accident.

John Cena’s automobile was hit from behind by a tractor-trailer, according to TMZ. Fortunately, Cena was unharmed in the crash and did not sustain any injuries that would have prevented him from performing in his “Once In A Lifetime” match against The Rock at WrestleMania 28 just days later.

When did John Cena get into a car accident?
According to John Cena’s official blog, he was involved in an automobile accident on Monday, March 19, 2012. TMZ was quick to report on the event. When the news broke, the wrestling world was shocked, but fans exhaled a sigh of relief when it was revealed that John Cena was unharmed. WWE’s official website has photographs of the car accident.

Soon later, John Cena spoke with WWE and revealed facts regarding the incident.

“We were doing some early morning media for an event in Philadelphia tonight when we were in a car accident. Despite the fact that the [Acura] was totaled, no one was injured. I’ve been in a lot of vehicle accidents before. I’m still alive and well, and I’m ready to fight The World’s Strongest Man tonight,” John Cena remarked.

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In a major encounter to cap out WrestleMania 28 that year, John Cena was due to face The Rock. For the previous year, Cena and WWE had been preparing for and advertising the match. Fortunately for all parties, no serious injuries were sustained in the mishap; otherwise, John Cena’s highly anticipated WrestleMania match might have been canceled.

With 1.3 million buyouts for WrestleMania 28, John Cena vs. The Rock helped WWE set a new pay-per-view buyout record. WrestleMania 23 had previously held the record. Fans may recall that this was the event where Stone Cold Steve Austin made his first public appearance. Vince McMahon’s head was shaved bald by Steve Austin, Donald Trump, and Bobby Lashley.

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John Cena went on to win a slew of other championships and is now a 16-time World Champion. He hasn’t wrestled in a WWE bout in almost a year, but he has stated that he isn’t done with the sport.

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