When is Free Fire OB31 update expected to be released for Android devices


Free Fire is a two-monthly patch cycle, with the devs releasing a new version every two months or so. New material and features keep the game interesting while also improving the overall experience.

Following the success of the OB30 update, which included various weapon and character balancing fixes as well as the new Replay System, gamers are anxiously anticipating the patch.

The patch will be preceded, as usual, by an Advance Server where the new features will be on show for players to try out. Due to the requirement of the Activation Code, access will not be available to everyone.

The release date for Free Fire OB31 is still unknown.
Updates and the ranked season have gone hand in hand since the inclusion of the ranked Clash Squad mode last year.

The previous patches followed a pattern of being published just one day before the current rated season ended.

Clash Squad Ranked Season 9 concludes on 1 December (Image via Free Fire)

The current Clash Squad Ranked Season 9 will end on December 1st. In addition, the changes correspond with the end of the Gold Royale.

The Gold Royale ends in 21 days, i.e., on 1 December (Image via Free FIre)

The updates are normally made available a day before the event. The current Crimson Heir Bundle Gold Royale will also expire on December 1st.

As a result, it’s widely assumed in the Free Fire community that Garena will issue the OB31 update on November 30. On the day of the patch, there will be a maintenance break that will render the game inaccessible for a few hours.

However, this is only an estimate because the devs have yet to reveal the exact date and content of the upcoming patch.

In addition, the registration for the Free Fire OB31 Advance Server is now open. The server will go live on November 18th, and users will be able to use it until November 25th.

Interested gamers need to register for it as soon as possible to stand a chance to get the Activation Code.

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