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Abhishek Bisht is one of the many content creators who contribute to Garena Free Fire. He runs Free Fire events in addition to hosting the YouTube channel “Gaming Aura,” which has over 970K subscribers.

Abhishek not only creates material for Free Fire, but he also livestreams the battle royale game on his Aura Live YouTube channel. Abhishek talks about his path as a content maker, his enthusiasm for livestreaming Free Fire, and more with Debolina Banerjee of Sportskeeda Esports.

The production of Free Fire content by Gaming Aura

Q. Good day, Abhishek! Tell us about your experience as a content developer for Free Fire. What inspired you to start your own YouTube channel?

A. In 2017, I completed my high school diploma and enrolled in my college’s B.Com program. I used to spend my leisure time gaming whenever I had the opportunity

In 2018, I had the notion to start creating material, but I didn’t know where to start. I began my blogging career by covering events. I attempted to build my own website, but it failed miserably. Finally, I went with gaming because it was my passion and pleasure. In 2018, I launched my YouTube account. I worked for around three months before quitting and utilizing the money I earned to purchase my own equipment. So I’m where I am thanks to the support of my Free Fire gaming community and family.

Q. Did you have to face criticism when you first decided to become a content creator because the Indian gaming community is not particularly receptive of gaming as a profession? Was your decision backed up by your parents?

A. Whenever you try to accomplish something unusual, you will be confronted with criticism in the beginning. Similarly, when your parents invest their time and money in your upbringing, they have reasonable expectations.

After passing my high school exams (Standard 12), I told my parents about my intention to work as a content developer. After my first year of college, I began my profession in gaming and begged my parents to give me two years to establish myself. They didn’t stop me, and I eventually got to where I am with a “do or die” attitude.

Q. Your enthusiasm for Esports is evident in a playlist labeled “ESPORTS VIDEOS” on your YouTube channel. What are your thoughts on the Indian Esports scene in terms of Free Fire? Which clubs or players do you admire?

A. I am quite enthusiastic about the esports sector. If it continues to expand, Indian society’s attitude on gaming will shift. When esports first arrived in India, there was no one to watch it. Because of the presence of viewers that are interested in gaming, my channel’s playlist “ESPORTS VIDEOS” is now getting recognized.

Free Fire is exploding in popularity, and it has already won the Esports Awards for Esports Mobile Game of the Year two years in a row. The game’s popularity and competitive environment demonstrate how enthusiastic people are about Free Fire.

Every day, a new gamer is added to the list of good esports gamers in India. I’m unable to pick a single participant from the pool. Every single one of them is putting out their best effort. They are devoting their golden years in gaming, and the world of esports will undoubtedly change by 2024.

A. Free Fire players must be one-of-a-kind at all times. Copying the gameplay of others will not make a player as good as his idol. Because everyone is different in their own manner, they should all try to play in a different way.

The game’s meta changes from time to time, but if you know the basics, that’s all you need to know. Free Fire has gone through a lot of modifications over the years, but my controls and settings have remained the same.

Make your fundamentals strong, practice, and take regular breaks if you want to be good at the game. More significantly, limit your gaming time if you are a student.

Q. You have a second channel, Aura Live, where you mostly post your live feeds. What types of recordings, game streams or content development around Free Fire events, need the greatest time and effort?

A. You conduct study on the subject before producing a video. You may need to modify and edit the video after recording it before sharing it. You don’t have a controlled setting with livestreams; all you have to do is sit and play the game you want.

To be honest, I prefer livestreaming to content development. During my livestreams, I can feel more at ease and speak more freely. Most significantly, I don’t have to finish in a certain amount of time, which allows me to go into greater depth on a subject.

My offline content, on the other hand, is more well-liked by gamers, hence Aura Live has less subscribers than Gaming Aura. Nonetheless, I find livestreams to be really entertaining.

Q. Alpha Zegus is a well-known marketing firm that works hard to assist creators like you. Do you believe that having a relationship with an agency like this is vital for streamers and content creators? How has Alpha Zegus aided you in your quest to become a successful YouTuber?

A. To be honest, Alpha Zegus has an incredible amount of support. A content creator’s goal is to stream and entertain people; if they try to corner the market, they may end up compromising their main work, which could be harmful. As a result, marketing firms like these are critical to breaking into the market.

One of the best things about Alpha Zegus is the brand associations they create. As a result, the brand’s reach and value are increased. They have been quite helpful to me, and I appreciate working with them..

Q. Your channel has over 967K subscribers and is on its way to the coveted one million mark. How do you intend to commemorate the occasion? Can viewers expect a different type of video to commemorate the joyous occasion?

A. I have a lot of plans in place to reach the coveted one million subscriber goal. I’m going to take a break and travel to my hometown.

I’d like to work on my personality and develop my channel after hitting one million followers. Players should expect to find vlogs among the many types of videos.

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