Where does the MG 82’s nerve come to Warzone?


This week just began Saison 4 in Warzone, and the MG 82 was among the brand new weapons. The players did not have to see the potential of the devastating light machine weapon for long.

In Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, the MG 82 is the fastest fire rate in the light machine gun class. In addition, the gun has virtually no recoil, as well as a super high fire rate and decent shot damage. Players using the MG 82 in Warzone have essentially stumbled onto a laser beam of a weapon that rips through enemy players with ease.

Of course, the community has already called for nerves about the absurd MG 82 that has in the past caused problems such as other Black Ops Cold War weapons. Even options such as the AMAX, with the last nerves to go, have taken a rear seat. But for Warzone players, there are good things, and they may not have to deal with the power of the MG 82 for a very long time.

Warzone developers confirm that a nerf for the MG 82 is on the way

The developer responsible for balance Verdansk and Warzone, Raven software, confirmed the MG 82 was nervous. Raven Software posted its good news for Warzone players on Twitter on June 18.

Raven Software has admitted with a slight heart how powerful the weapon is and how he made a joke. The MG 82 was compared to a Pack-a-Punched Zombie weapon.

“Before moving to Verdansk, the MG 82 (BOCW) made too many journeys to the Pack-a-Punch machine. In Warzone Element 115 is beyond boundaries, so shortly we’ll adapt to this weapon.”

There is no exact date yet for the receipt of the warzon nerve by MG 82, but it is probably before a complete update is published. Instead, before any major updates, a hotfix could change some of the statistics on the Light Machine gun. I hope that changes to the weapon tuning will not take too long.

The nervousness is also up in the air on the Warzone MG 82. The weapon is designed to be quickly fired, so it will unlikely change. Instead, the reversal can be adapted to control the ammunition storm flying on enemy players in Verdansk.

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