Where to find the Shipwreck Collectibles in GTA Online Outfit Scraps


GTA Online is still one of the world’s most popular games. One of the biggest reasons for this is the steady stream of fresh material from Rockstar Games.

Following the introduction of the Los Santos Tuners upgrade, the developer has issued an update that includes a new event called the shipwreck. After collecting the items, players can unlock a new costume in this update.

All of the locations where you can get GTA Online clothing scraps are listed here.

GTA Online received a new update on August 26 that brought a new collectible to the game. Gamers can plunder a treasure box from a damaged boat on the coasts of Los Santos and Blaine County.

They can locate clothes scraps as well as cash and experience incentives in these accidents. Users can unlock the Frontier outfit in their closet by collecting seven pieces of junk clothes.

Each day, they can only find one shipwreck chest. To get the Frontier Outfit, players must locate the shipwreck seven times in real-time over the course of a week.

Every day, the shipwrecks are discovered at one of 30 different locations.

The new Shipwreck event in GTA Online is a great way to earn some GTA$ and RP. To earn some additional GTA$, players can discover the wrecks and claim the prize.

Users must seek for scraps all over the area for one of 30 spots if they wish to get the pirate costume. u/Jhonnyg5150 shared the locations of all the shipwrecks on Reddit.

When players discover the wreckage in GTA Online, they can claim it and win prizes. Users will receive 20,000 GTA$ and 2000 RP each time they claim the treasure. They will also find a scrap of cloth in the treasure boxes, in addition to these gifts.

Gamers can head to their closet and find the new frontier costume after gathering seven items.

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