Which Free Fire character is best for aggressive players: Elite Moco vs. Dimitri vs. DJ Alok


DJ and Dimitri are two formidable active characters that players frequently choose in Free Fire. Moco is a less well-known passive character who recently received an Elite makeover.

Many Free Fire players prefer to take a more aggressive approach to the game in order to rack up more kills and move up the ranking ladder faster. Here’s a comparison of these three characters’ abilities to see who comes out on top.

Elite Moco

Elite Moco and her ability (Image via Free Fire)

Moco Enigma is the awoken version of Moco. Enigma’s Eye is a skill she possesses that allows her to mark adversaries who move for two seconds. Andrew, Hayato, and Kelly, in addition to her, have awakened powers.


Dimitri and his ability (Image via Free Fire)

Dimitri is a playable character that possesses the ability to heal with his heartbeat. For 10 seconds, he may create a 3.5-meter zone in which players gain 3 HP per second. Players who have been knocked down by opponents can also self-recover in the region.

DJ Alok

DJ Alok and his ability (Image via Free Fire)

DJ Alok possesses the ability Drop the Beat, which has a 45-second cooldown duration. The 5-meter aura has the ability to increase players’ mobility and sprinting speed by 10%. He also assists with HP recovery for 5 seconds at a rate of 5 HPs per second.

Which Free Fire character is better for aggressive players?

DJ Alok is a better choice compared to Elite Moco and Dimitri (Image via Sportskeeda)

DJ Alok assists with not only HP recovery but also movement speed. Drop the Beat already covers a key portion of Dimitri’s talent.

Elite Moco, on the other hand, isn’t powerful enough to overcome an active character’s ability. Due to the increased speed of movement and sprint, foes find it more difficult to target DJ Alok, making him more ideal for aggressive gaming in Free Fire.

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