Which Free Fire character is best for aggressive playstyle: DJ Alok, Thiva, or A124


Characters from Free Fire’s cast of one-of-a-kind characters can be selected for Battle Royale and Clash Squad battles based on their playstyle.

In the game, there are two types of abilities: active and passive. Thiva is a passive character in Free Fire, whereas DJ Alok is an active one. This article examines the three players’ abilities to see who is most suited for aggressive gameplay.

DJ Alok

DJ Alok and his ability (Image via Free Fire)

Drop the Beat is DJ Alok’s ability, which allows him to create a 5 meter aura that allows players to increase their movement and sprinting speed by 10%. It also allows Free Fire players to regain 5 HP for a five-second period of time. The cooldown time for the ability stays at 45 seconds.


Thiva and his ability (Image via Free Fire)

Thiva’s ability is called Vital Vibes. It increases help-up speed by 5%. Once an ally is successfully recovered, the player recovers 15 HP in a span of five seconds.


A124 and her ability (Image via Free Fire)

A124 has the ability Thrill of Battle, which lasts four seconds and has a ten-second cooldown. She is capable of converting 20 EP to HP. A124’s cooldown time, like DJ Alok’s, is fixed.

Note that all of the characters’ talents are at their lowest levels. Players can increase the strength of their characters by leveling them up.

Which character from Free Fire is best for an aggressive playstyle?

DJ Alok is a better choice compared to Thiva and A124 (Image via Free Fire)

DJ Alok is superior to the two previously stated characters. Thiva’s ability is the most ideal for Clash Squad matches, while A124’s is not diverse enough.

DJ Alok has repeatedly been chosen by gamers who value aggressive gaming since he aids in two key areas: movement speed and HP recovery. His ability’s short cooldown period encourages players to use it more frequently.

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