Which Free Fire character is best for rank push: Chrono, A124, or Elite Hayato?


Garena Free Fire has 40 characters to pick from, and players can utilize any of them on the virtual battlefield. These characters have special skills that come in helpful in real-world circumstances.

Gamers, on the other hand, can best use these abilities in Ranked mode matches, where they can drive their rankings up via the rank tiers. As a result, selecting the character with the best talent will provide players an advantage on the ground.

In this article, Chrono, A124, and Elite Hayato are compared to see who is superior for rank pushing in Free Fire.

In Garena Free Fire, we look at Chrono, Elite Hayato, and A124.

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Time Turner is a skill. Time Turner, Chrono’s active skill, creates a force barrier around him that blocks 600 damage from opponents (Level 1). While inside the force field, players can shoot at their opponents.

Their movement speed is increased by 5%, and both effects last three seconds. The CD for this skill is 200 seconds long.

Time Turner increases movement speed by 15% at level 6. The impact lasts 8 seconds and is followed by a 170-second cooldown.

Elite Hayato

Elite Hayato
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Art of Blades is a skill. Type of skill: Passive
Hayato’s awakened version (Hayato Firebrand) keeps his primary skill (Bushido) but reduces frontal damage by 1% for every ten percent loss of maximum HP.

At level 6 of Elite Hayato’s skill, every 10% reduction in the player’s maximum HP reduces frontal damage by 3.5 percent.

free fire
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Battle Thrill is an ability. At its default level, A124’s Thrill of Battle is an active skill that converts 20 EP into HP in four seconds (Level 1). The cooldown timer is set to ten seconds.

60 EP are transformed into HP in 4 seconds at its highest potential (Level 6). The ten-second cooling time remains unchanged.

Conclusion: Who is the best of the two?
Chrono is a fantastic candidate for squad Ranked mode matchups because he has a powerful talent that guards players while also speeding up movement.

A124 will be slightly better than Elite Hayato in combat because she has an EP converting skill that can provide players an HP boost.

Disclaimer: Character choice is an individual decision, and prioritizing one over the other solely depends on one’s playing style.

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