Which Free Fire character is best for rank push: DJ Alok, Jota, or Skyler?


Garena Free Fire presently has a total of 40 characters, practically all of whom have unique powers. Their abilities, on the other hand, are best used in Ranked mode matches.

Players enjoy ranked mode matches because they encounter difficult opponents while climbing the ranks. Powerful characters, on the other hand, can aid players in being the most efficient in this type of competition.

As a result, this article analyzes DJ Alok’s, Jota’s, and Skyler’s abilities to see who will be better at rank pushing in Free Fire.

In Garena Free Fire, DJ Alok takes on Jota and Skyler.

DJ Alok

Ability: Drop the Beat

Skill type: Active

DJ Alok in Free Fire

Drop the Beat is DJ Alok’s active skill. At Alok’s base level, it produces a 5m radius that increases ally movement speed by 10% and recovers 5 HP/s for five seconds.

His ability improves after he uses universal fragments. At its greatest level, it increases the ally’s movement speed by 15% and recovers 5 HP/s for 10 seconds.


Ability: Riptide Rhythm
Skill type: Active
Skyler in Garena Free Fire

Riptide Rhythm, Skyler’s active skill, creates sound waves that can shatter five gloo walls within a 50-meter range. Each gloo wall deployed will increase HP recovery by four points, starting at the default level. A 60-second CD is included with all effects.

At the maximum level, Skyler’s ability generates a sonic wave capable of breaking five gloo walls within 100 meters. The CD drops to 40 seconds after that, and the HP recovery points increase to nine per gloo wall.


Ability: Sustained Raids
Skill type: Passive
Jota in Free Fire

Jota’s ability is a passive one. When an adversary is killed with SMGs or Shotguns at level 1, Sustained Raids recovers 25 HP instantaneously. The cooldown period is five seconds long.

When Jota reaches his maximum level (Level 6), each kill with the SMG or Shotgun instantly restores 40 HP. The cooldown time is unchanged.

Verdict: Who is better?

DJ Alok is the finest of the three characters because he gives the players a huge HP boost as well as increased movement speed.

In Ranked mode, Jota and Skyler are also strong choices for aggressive players. Skyler, on the other hand, is significantly superior than Jota because his ability allows him to breach the enemy’s protection while also restoring the player’s HP.

Disclaimer: Character selection is a personal decision, and choosing one over the other is completely based on a player’s preferred playing style.

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