Which Free Fire character is better following the OB30 update: DJ Alok, Dasha, or A124


DJ Alok is one of the most well-known Free Fire characters right now. A124, on the other hand, is an underappreciated character with a useful talent.

Despite Dasha’s great passive ability, many players ignore her. After the OB30 update in Free Fire, this article examines the abilities of the three characters to determine which is the best pick..

After the OB30 upgrade, which Free Fire character is the best?

DJ Alok is a better choice compared to Dasha and A124 (Image via ff.garena)

DJ Alok has not been nerfed since his release, and he is still the most powerful character in Free Fire. Even though Dasha has a wide range of passive abilities, she lacks in terms of enhanced movement speed and HP recovery.

DJ Alok is a superior candidate than A124 because his abilities are more diverse. Furthermore, because his powerful ability has a fixed cooldown duration that lasts only a short period of time, players can utilize it frequently.

Disclaimer: Character selection is a personal choice, and a gamer’s preference for one character over another is completely based on their playing style.

Describe the three characters in Free Fire in a few words.

DJ Alok

DJ Alok and his ability (Image via Free Fire)

‘Drop the Beat’ is DJ Alok’s active ability, and it has a 45-second cooldown duration. Players’ mobility and sprinting speed are increased by 10% as a result of this skill. It also aids in the recovery of 5 HP every second for a period of 5 seconds.


Dasha and her ability (Image via Free Fire)

Dasha’s passive ability is named ‘Partying On,’ and it reduces the damage taken by falls by 30% while also reducing recovery time by 60%. Recoil build-up and maximum recoil are both reduced by 6% as a result of this ability.


A124 and her ability (Image via Free Fire) ))

Thrill of Battle is an active ability that A124 has. She has the ability to transform 20 EPs into HPs in under 4 seconds. The ability’s cooldown time is set to 10 seconds.

Note that all of the characters’ talents are at their lowest levels. Players can increase the strength of their characters by leveling them up.

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