Which Free Fire character is better for BR mode: Thiva or Joseph


Free Fire fans can’t wait to get their hands on Thiva, a new character that will be accessible for free on August 28, 2021. As part of its 4th Anniversary celebrations, Free Fire is giving Thiva out for free.

Joseph is one of the oldest Free Fire characters with a passive ability. This article compares Joseph’s abilities to those of Thiva, a new character.

Which character is better for Free Fire Battle Royale matches: Thiva or Joseph?

Thiva and his ability (Image via Free Fire)

Vital Vibes is a passive ability that Thiva has. He aids in the quick recovery of players who have been knocked out by adversaries.

Thiva enhances the pace of help-up by 5% in the first stage and by 20% in the final step. Players can get 15 HPs (base level) and 40 HPs (maximum level) if the ally has successfully recovered (final level).


Joseph and his ability (Image via Free Fire)

Nutty Movement is a passive ability that Joseph possesses. When players take damage from their opponents, it boosts their movement speed.

The players’ movement speed is raised by 10% in the first level and by 20% in the final level. The ability only lasts one second.

Which of the Free Fire characters is better suited for Battle Royale games?

Thiva is better than Joseph when it comes to Battle Royale matches (Image via Sportskeeda)

Both characters are easy to utilize in Battle Royale matches because they have passive powers. When it comes to bettering one’s performance in Free Fire, though, players should always choose Thiva above the other.

Thiva not only aids in speedy recovery, but also allows players to gain health points. However, Joseph’s ability only lasts one second, which is insufficient time to properly dodge the enemy in Free Fire battles.

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