Which Free Fire character is better with the OB31 update: Elite Hayato or Chrono?


Free Fire had a number of adjustments as a result of the OB31 release. Different game types have been improved, in-game optimization has been improved, and a few weapons have been rebalanced.

Many characters were also reworked in addition to these adjustments. Chrono, on the other hand, was nerfed while the rest of them were boosted. In-game, his abilities have entirely changed.

Players are now wondering who will step into his huge footsteps. Elite Hayato is currently a strong contender in the game. ‘Is he better than Chrono?’ is the only question that remains. Continue reading to find out.

In Free Fire, a full comparison of Elite Hayato and Chrono’s abilities is provided.

The ‘Art of Blades’ ability of Elite Hayato allows players to deal greater damage as their HP declines. Armor penetration increases by 10% for every ten percent drop in HP. Frontal damage is also lowered by 3.5 percent for every ten percent of max HP lost. The ability is passive and does not have a cooldown.

The ability of Chrono

In Free Fire, Chrono’s ‘Time Turner’ skill provides good protection. It creates a force barrier that stops all damage, both inbound and outbound. It has a total damage-blocking capacity of 800. The ability has a six-second cooldown and a 120-second cooldown duration.

Elite Hayato is used in battle.

In fight, Elite Hayato assumes the role of a berserker. The primary objective is to deal armor-piercing damage and render armor ineffective. Players will also be able to use Elite Hayato to rush at opponents in Free Fire, thanks to the increased damage reduction.

In battle, Chrono

In Free Fire, Chrono takes on the role of a defender. He can defend the entire squad from incoming fire thanks to his talent. Despite the fact that the ability only lasts six seconds, it can be quite useful during fierce gunfights.

In Free Fire, Elite Hayato and Chrono play extremely different roles. Elite Hayato, on the other hand, is the obvious winner when it comes to combat abilities. Being able to provide armor-piercing damage can drastically alter the result of any battle.

Chrono is still helpful as a defender, although his abilities are limited. Using 360° gloo walls, players may easily imitate it. Gloo barriers can also be employed more effectively without a cooldown time.

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