Which game is better for high-end Android devices: Free Fire or PUBG Mobile?


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Two of the most popular Battle Royale games are PUBG Mobile and Free Fire.

Free Fire provides more fun-based gameplay with characters, pets, and more, but the former grabbed a following due to its high-end graphics, outstanding gun mechanics, sound optimization, and realistic battleground experience.

Despite being in the same genre, these games are significantly distinct. On high-end phones, there is a significant gap in their performance.

Comparing the performance of PUBG Mobile versus Free Fire on high-end Android phones

System requirements

PUBG Mobile

  • Minimum Android version – Android 5.1.1 or above
  • RAM – 2 GB (Recommended 3 GB for smooth gameplay)
  • Current version –
  • Suitable Processor – Snapdragon 625 or above
  • Download Size – A little more than 1 GB (Varies with in-game resources)

Free Fire

  • Required Android version – Android 4.1 and above
  • Minimum RAM – 1 GB (Recommended 2 GB for smooth gameplay)
  • Current version – 1.64.2
  • Download Size – 716 MB

Performance on high-end devices

Comparing PUBG Mobile and Free Fire (Image via PUBG Mobile/Free Fire)

When evaluating performance, the number of game modes has been neglected. Rather than the flexibility of game types, performance is determined by resources and in-game settings.

PUBG Mobile

Both the display and the graphics in PUBG Mobile may be customized in a variety of ways. Players using high-end devices should consider the highest available settings. Gamers can set the graphics to Ultra HD and the frame rate to Ultra.

Buildings have more textures and are far more realistic (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Gamers will notice significant changes in graphics after the new options have been enabled. With the high-end settings, the texture of everything in PUBG Mobile improves.

Shadows and reflections make the experience more immersive (Image via PUBG Mobile)

The in-game gameplay and sound optimization in PUBG Mobile are already superb. As a result, the immersive experience is enhanced with Ultra HD graphics and an upscaled frame rate (60 FPS).

Display settings (Image via Free Fire)

Free Fire’s settings menu, like PUBG Mobile’s, offers a variety of display customization options. For high-end devices, players can raise the visuals to Ultra. The high FPS setting might also help to boost the frame rate.

The frame rate considerably changes at higher settings (Image via Free Fire)

Despite the fact that the graphics have been adjusted to the maximum level available, there are no noticeable changes in the display. In comparison to prior cartoonish visuals, the graphics have a more realistic appearance.

There is not much difference in graphics apart from the shadows (Image via Free Fire)

Players can see shadows and more features in the game when playing in a BR match. High FPS, on the other hand, works nicely and raises the frame rate to the predicted range of 40-60 FPS.

Which game is suitable for high-end devices

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