Which is a perfect gameplay style: safe or rush?


There are millions of players in Garena Free Fire. And everyone aspires to be better than the people around them. As a result, the player choose the optimal playing style from safe and rush in order to live longer in the free fire and obtain booyah.

However, it’s a point of contention as to whether of the two gameplay techniques, rush (aggressive) or safe (quiet), is best for quickly raising rank and KD ratio.

So let’s talk about it. Before you begin, you need understand the difference between rush and safe gameplay in a free fire combat.

When you rush, your aim is to kill as many adversaries as possible without risk of being discovered. The free fire rusher is always on the lookout for hot-drops such as the clock tower, peak (Bermuda map), Bimasakti strip, and other enemy targets.

Safe gaming, on the other hand, involves concentrating on booyah rather than kills. You do this by playing the game in a passive manner. To put it another way, safe players land at a place where no one else lands in order to improve their survival time by avoiding danger.

Which is the best playing style between rush and safe in the free fire?

Everything is contingent on the situation, ambition, and anticipation. Because every participant enters the free fire battleground with hope and a goal. Some people aim to improve their KD ratio, while others seek to climb the ranks.

At least 3-4 squads are roving about the hot-drop locations, such as the peak and the clocktower, looking for the enemy. So, if you’re thinking about pushing rank in such risky places, your luck isn’t on your side.

However, if you can rock the arena with your combat abilities, aggressive gaming isn’t a terrible decision. In Free fire, the rush gameplay style can help you fast raise your KD ratio. How?

When you play a rush game, you want to get somewhere where you can encounter a lot of adversaries (Hot-drops). You can also achieve your goal quicker if you have a superior squad and pro talents.

The rusher is always a professional athlete. However, if you constantly hurry without the finest talents, you will find that your abilities improve. Yes, the surge might progressively enhance fighting and targeting abilities. However, it’s impossible to predict whether a free fire rushing player can get to the grandmaster and heroic fatigue quickly.

Finally, the rush game is only appropriate for you in two situations.

1.You don’t care about rank.
2.You have a better squad and skills.

So, don’t you believe getting booyah in every game is a fun and private task? If you want to improve your rating, I recommend playing it safe. Because there’s a good possibility you’ll receive booyah in every FPP battle. If you’re just having fun and have perfected your abilities, go ahead and rush—you’ll earn a lot of kills and your KD will quickly rise.

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