Who is Karsten Warholm, and what does he do? At the Oslo Diamond League, a Norwegian athlete set a new world record in the 400m hurdles.


Karsten Warholm, a Norwegian athlete, smashed a world record set four years before his birth.

Karsten Warholm, 25, shattered a 29-year-old world record set by American sprint star Kevin Young at the 1992 Olympic Games. The world record presently stands at 46.70 seconds, which is 00.08 seconds quicker than the previous mark established at the Oslo Diamond League.

The Junior Wonder: Karsten Warholm

A 17-year-old European emerging star placed sixth in the 200m heats at the Bislett Games in June 2013, three months after capturing eight gold medals at the Norwegian Youth Indoors Championship. Usain Bolt, of course, took first place in that heat. Karsten competed in a variety of track and field events as a young athlete, including the octathlon and decathlon, before focusing on the 400m sprint and 400m hurdles.Before making his Olympic debut in Rio, Karsten had already set a national record in his favorite event, the 400m hurdles. In his debut Olympic Games, he reached the semi-finals of the 400m hurdles despite low expectations. Since then, he has won the European U23, World, and European Championships in the 400m hurdles, as well as the European Indoor Championships in the 400m dash in 2019.

Karsten Warholm is a gold medal favorite at the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics

When Karsten achieved a new European mark of 46.92s at Weltklasse Zurich in 2019, he became the third-fastest man in 400m hurdles history. The following year, he made headlines for the second time when he broke the 47-second barrier. He was just a whisker away from breaking Kevin Young’s long-held world record. He became the first athlete to break the 47-second barrier twice in the 400m hurdles, with a time of 46.87s. Kevin Young only ran sub 47 seconds once, in 1992, when he set the Olympic and world records.

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