Who is the best Factory Challenge Free Fire character?


Free Fire is one of the most distinct battle royale titles on the mobile platform, with characters, pets, and other features. Millions of people enjoy the game, which has a variety of game modes. Furthermore, some content creators provide various custom room modes, with Factory Challenge being one of them.

In this mode, players must essentially land on top of the Factory, a well-known location on the Bermuda map. Later, on the roof, players engage in 1v1 combat with melee weapons or fists. Other constraints are imposed by the players.

A variety of characters perform admirably in the factory challenge, while others fail miserably. Here is the best character for users to use in this custom game mode.

Please keep in mind that this is a personal opinion of the author. The choices of the players may differ.

Best character for Factory Challenge in Free Fire

Kla is best suited to this game mode because the majority of the Factory Challenges in Free Fire involve fistfights. From the diverse cast of characters, it is arguably the most potent ability for this purpose.

Kla in Free Fire

Kla is a good choice for Factory Challenge (Image via Free Fire)

Muay Thai is a sport with a lot of mobility (Passive ability)

499 diamonds or 800 gold dollars

At the start, this passive ability increases fist damage by 100%. Muay Thai improves as one’s skill level rises. The player’s fist damage is increased by 400% at the highest level.

When engaged in melee combat, Kla’s ability deals 400% more damage to opponents. This means that instead of 20 damage, users will deal 100 damage, allowing them to quickly decimate their opponents.

Some players may prefer to use Alok for Factory Challenge because his ability boosts movement speed and replenishes health points when they are depleted. Furthermore, players can combine the abilities of both characters to create a powerful combo for this purpose.

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