Why are ordinary players unable to obtain the V Badge in Garena Free Fire?


Many YouTubers aspire to be a part of the Free Fire Partner Program, which provides a slew of incentives that help them advance as content creators. This includes monetary rewards (for channels with 500k subscribers and 95% Free Fire content), as well as in-game stuff like as diamonds, merchandise, and audience coupons.

Furthermore, all Free Fire Partners are eligible for a distinctive V Badge, which shows on their profile and appears before their name during a battle. This is a hot topic among the general public, and it has piqued their curiosity for quite some time.

V Badge isn’t available to normal players in Free Fire for a reason.

The OB25 patch notes (Image via Free Fire)

Free Fire players who have been around for a year or more know that this special badge is only available to Free Fire Partners. The OB25 update patch notes indicate unequivocally that,

“All Free Fire Partners with their distinctive badge will now be visible in-game.” Find them and use your favorite emote on them.”

As a result, it is clear that the only way for a player to obtain the V Badge and a variety of additional benefits is to join the Partner Program.

The initiative, however, is only open to content makers. To participate in the program, creators must meet specific requirements. This, combined with the fact that there are just a few spots available, has made the procedure difficult. The badge cannot be purchased, and the owner cannot transfer it to another individual.

According to the reasons stated above, common users are not eligible for a V Badge under any circumstances. As a result, people should not waste time seeking for other options.

The following are the essential requirements for joining the Partner Program for the Indian server:

The following are the essential requirements for joining the Partner Program for the Indian server:

Furthermore, the Partner Program application period is only open for a few days, so eligible users should apply as soon as possible.

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