Why is it so tough to obtain the V-Badge in Free Fire?


In India, Free Fire has a sizable community, with a variety of content providers and streams engaging gamers in a variety of languages. When people who are watching content creators take a closer look at the distinctive V emblem on their profile page, they are usually baffled.

They usually receive questions about how to obtain this unique emblem, which distinguishes them from the throng. V Badge, on the other hand, is exceedingly rare in Free Fire, and not everyone can get it.

Reasons for the V Badge’s scarcity in Free Fire

This V Badge is exclusively offered to Free Fire partners, according to the patch notes for the Free Fire OB25 update, making it incredibly difficult for the general public to achieve. The difficulty of becoming a member of the Free Fire Partner Program adds to its rarity.

This is due to the fact that this program has a set of qualifications and a limited number of spots available, therefore not everyone who meets them will be accepted. Even with the required numbers, the V Badge is extremely tough to obtain.

The minimum requirements and perks of joining partner program (Image via Free Fire)

Aside from the badge, there are in-game rewards, cash compensation (only for channels with 500k subscribers and 95% Free Fire material), early access to content, communication with the Free Fire team, and more.

For the Partner Program, there are some minimum requirements.

For players interested, the minimum eligibility criteria for the Free Fire Partner Program are as follows:

  • YouTube channel with 100k subscribers
  • Over 80% of their content should be related to Free Fire and should be clean and non-controversial.
  • Players should abide by Garena’s content community guidelines
  • At least 300k views in the last month
  • Professionalism and drive to succeed together

Steps to join Free Fire Partner Program

If users feel that they are eligible to join the Free Fire Partner Program, they can follow the steps given below:

Press the Apply Now button (Image via Free Fire)

Step 2: Next, they can tap on the Apply Now option and fill in all the required details in the Google Form.

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