“Won’t pay for a thing,” Edge says of his real-life acquaintance with a former WWE star.


Edge joined the AdFreeShows podcast for a wonderful interview on this week’s episode of ‘The Kurt Angle Show.’

Edge, Kurt Angle, and host Paul Bromwell took a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about some of The Rated-R Superstar’s most memorable moments.

In the early 2000s, Edge and Kurt Angle were traveling companions, and Christian and Rhyno were part of their backstage gang.
Team RECK was the name given to the foursome, and they even had a stint together on WWE TV. Edge recounted a hilarious tale about former United States Champion Rhyno while reminiscing about his days with Team RECK.

While on the trip, Team RECK shared the same car, and Rhyno was always able to avoid paying tolls. When they travelled between cities, Edge claimed that the current IMPACT Wrestling star would often make up an excuse not to pay for anything.

Rhyno’s excuses were not accepted by Edge and Team RECK.

Team RECK.
Team RECK.

Edge also discussed the group’s dynamics, emphasizing how well they worked together on all levels. From a wrestling and character aspect, Team RECK was a natural fit, and Rhyno’s menacing presence made it a one-of-a-kind alliance.

Edge recalled one of Rhyno’s one-line promos for Kurt Angle, as well as the reaction of the entire group. Edge had the following to say:

“You can see the smile on my face, my guy.” Because we all rode together, I’m among my friends. We all enjoy it, whether all four of us are in the same car or not, because Rhyno can be a handful. I’m not going to pay for anything.

Edge also spoke on the dynamics of the group, noting how effectively they collaborated on all levels. Team RECK was a natural fit from a wrestling and character standpoint, and Rhyno’s intimidating presence made it a one-of-a-kind alliance.

Edge remembered one of Rhyno’s one-liners for Kurt Angle, as well as the group’s reaction. Edge had this to say about it:

“My guy, you can see the grin on my face.” I’m with my friends because we all rode together. Because Rhyno can be a handful, we all love it whether all four of us are in the same car or not. Nothing will be paid for by me.

In contrast to the former Hardcore Champion’s crazy on-screen character, Kurt Angle said Rhyno was humorous and entertaining in real life.

“Edge, this is insane! Outside of the ring, he has an entirely different personality. He’s humorous; he’s amusing. He is a joy to watch. He appears on television; all he wants to be is a psycho “Kurt Angle added his two cents.
Team RECK was one of many WWE stables that remained intact after the cameras had stopped running. Edge, Christian, Kurt Angle, and Rhyno were real-life buddies that aided one another on the road during one of WWE’s most competitive periods.

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